sipMARGS Launches with New Ready-to-Drink Sparkling Margarita Brand

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Four progressive canned cocktail flavors at 5% ABV

NEW YORK, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- sipMARGS announced today the launch of their new independent and iconic margarita-focused brand. Their ready-to-drink sparkling margaritas are made with real, top-quality tequila and are low in calorie, low sugar and low carb, offering an all-natural great-tasting, authentic margarita in a can.

Currently, sipMARGS are offered in four innovative and refreshing flavors: Classic Sparkling Margarita, Sparkling Coconut Margarita, Sparkling Mango Margarita and Sparkling Mezcal Margarita.

"With the launch of sipMARGS, we want to appeal to a wide audience of consumers who enjoy fun, fruity flavors as well as those who appreciate top-quality craft tequila and mezcal," said co-founder Joey Angelo. "We're excited to offer a unique RTD margarita brand to the market that can be associated with positive experiences."

sipMARGS offers consumers a sessionable alcohol level (5% ABV), enough flavor to taste great, a quality tequila base (not wine or malt), and a competitive price point from an iconic brand focused solely on the margarita category.

"Our goal was to create an authentic canned margarita that stands out from the crowd. From our innovative packaging to our progressive flavors and nutritional balance, it's definitely not another zero-flavor hard seltzer," said co-founder Wyatt Carder. "While creating sipMARGS, we noticed that no other competitive RTD margarita offered the same attributes that we do."

To launch, sipMARGS will be available at select retailers on May 17th in New York and New Jersey, and on June 1st in Florida. They will be offered in 4-packs (SRP: $11.99) and variety 8-packs (SRP: $19.99).

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About sipMARGS
sipMARGS was founded by Wyatt Carder and Joey Angelo with the goal of creating a competitive and delicious ready-to-drink canned margarita. sipMARGS is a simple, memorable brand associated with fun, positive experiences that is focused solely on margaritas. For more information on the sipMARGS story, please visit

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