'Single's Inferno': Where the hit Netflix show takes place and how to get there

The main island of popular reality series "Single’s Inferno" is apparently a popular uninhabited tourist spot in west Incheon and has previously been featured in several South Korean shows.

The island of Saseungbong-do, the main location of Netflix and Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company's (JTBC) hit dating show, can be found in Incheon’s Ongjin County.

In “Single’s Inferno,” 12 singles (six men, six women) are left on the deserted island of Saseungbong-do, and the only way for each of them to leave is to pair up with another contestant. The unique premise of the show has been compared to "Too Hot to Handle" and "The Bachelor."

The show’s lucky couples are transported via helicopter to spend a night in "Paradise," a luxurious place away from the island that the show refers to as "Inferno."

However, the paradise that the show refers to is actually Paradise Hotel and Resort located near Incheon International Airport.

In addition to “Singles Inferno,” the island of Saseungbong-do has appeared in several shows in the past, including "Running Man," “Muhan Dojeon" and "Two Days and One Night," according to Incheon Tour’s English website.

To get to the island, guests must take a ferry from Incheon Coastal Passenger Terminal or Daebudo Island. They can rent a private boat to get around for 15,000 Korean won (approximately $12.50) per person when in a group or 100,000 Korean won (approximately $83) for solo travelers.

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