This singer took her recording studio and her family on the road

Asha Mae's RV home lets her make music anywhere

Video Transcript

ASHA MAE: Hello. I'm Asha Mae and this is my husband.

KAMAR: Kamar

ASHA MAE: And my son

KYLE: Kyle

ASHA MAE: And this is our home.


This is the American dream for us. I don't want to plug myself here, but I have a song called RV Freedom and I say, I ain't got no time to be American dreamin', I tried it for a little while, all stressed out, felt like screaming. We're not stressed out in this lifestyle. Our RV now is less than 240 square feet. This is the inside of our home.

This is Kyle's room. We use this area for work, for home-school, recording. This is our tiny kitchen. You'd be surprised how much magic you can work in here. Under here is a stove.

We purchased this stove top so it would double as additional counter space.

Welcome to the master bedroom.

KAMAR: Welcome guys. Look how big it is in here.

ASHA MAE: That's his closet.

KAMAR: That's my only closet.

ASHA MAE: And then these are my closets. That's it. I don't desire a larger bedroom. And if I had to say one final thing to you all it is, live life today, do not put it off. There's no better time than right now.