'The Simpsons' pokes fun at Bernie Sanders with a baby Bernie

Bernie Sanders made a small cameo on 'The Simpsons' Sunday night as a small version of himself – baby Bernie Sanders to be exact. During the third episode of Season 32, titled "Now Museum, Now You Don't," Lisa, who is sick at home, explores the wonders of Western Art, during which each family member takes on the persona of a famous artist. In one scene, Marge Simpson portrays Frida Kahlo, stating "We hate the capitalists. Right now, a young socialist is being born, who will take them down. Mr. Bernie Sanders. I hope he's quick about it." Cut to an already white-haired and wrinkled baby Bernie Sanders in the sandbox stating, "Getting a cootie shot should not cost your lunch money. And if you don't listen to me, listen to the Bernie Babies. What? Everybody's got goons." The beloved animated series poking fun at the Senator and using the "Bernie Babies" to allude to the "Bernie Bros," a name that has been given to some of Sanders's most intense supporters, did not go unnoticed among viewers. In fact, they were quick to point out the reference on social media after the scene aired. One person tweeted: "The Simpsons is about to make the die hard bernie people mad," while another shared, "Well, that was a one sided Bernie joke." While Sanders, in real life, has asked his supporters to stop all forms of harassment, the episode portrayed his reaction a little differently as two other babies, with bottles as weapons, beat up another kid on the playground, while Baby Bernie states, "I disavow that and welcome it."