Simple (But Impactful) Home Upgrades From Wayfair Under $300

1.A tabletop lamp with a unique and quirky look that will always have visitors asking where you got it. Try this one that comes in cool pastel colors and an interesting shape

The tabletop lamp in the pink shade

Promising review: "I love this lamp so much that I purchased another. The translucent bottom is gorgeous and love the touch of silver hardware." —Cameron

Price: $64.99 (originally $105.99; available in three colors)


2.This area rug that comes in all shapes and sizes and can add a colorful yet refined appearance to guide you down any hallway or set the mood for any living room missing that pop of color.

A long runner rug in the kitchen

Promising review: "Rug was purchased to match coloring with accent chair and carpet……it is perfect. Colors exactly as shown. Rug is also easy to lay flat not coarse like some carpets that are indoor/outdoor. Very pleased with our purchase!" —Jeanne

Price: $53.99+

MB / Wayfair

3.This wooden bench to place in your entry way. Giving the foyer a little less "blahh" and a little more "ahh". Having practical use for when your heels aren't going on easy but an easy decoration that puts thoughtfulness right at the forefront of your home.

The bench in front of a window

Promising review: "This little wood bench is perfect for an entry way! It’s such a beautiful medium brown color! It allows me to throw all of my bags somewhere as soon as I get home! I love it! Very sturdy as well!" —Alexis

Price: $135.99 (available in three colors)

Maggie / Wayfair

4.A new coffee table that provides more storage than ever so you don't have to keep saying "sorry the place is a mess" every time someone comes over, any extra mail or remotes can be stashed away quick and give your space a quick makeover.

The coffee table in front of a couch

Promising review: "We love our table. The color is incredible and the quality is great. It came with some corner protectors. Nice added thought. It would be great for a family with children. The directions were easy to understand, there is only pictures." —Jonathon

Price: $189.99 (originally $229.99; available in four colors)

Linda / Wayfair

5.A wine bottle/glass rack that can make your

The wine rack stocked with wines and different cocktail materials

Promising review: "Love this little bar, its just what we needed in our kitchen to organize our tubs of bar paraphenalia. My husband got this put together by himself in about an hour and a half, following the instructions. He said of all the items we've ordered on Wayfair (about 5), this piece seemed to be the most sturdy. Recommended." —Maria

Price: $169.99 (originally $203.99; available in three colors)

Karla / Wayfair

6.A wall mirror that can act as a modern space filler all the while giving you the perfect opportunity for a quick peak before you leave the house. Or act as the essential quick mirror selfie to show off

The circular mirror above the owners buffet with bar supplies

Promising review: "It was light weight and easy to hang. I placed it over my fireplace and it lit up my living room. I arranged a few photos and candles around and it looks great." —Arleen

Price: $49.92+ (originally $67.76; available in three colors)

Amber / Wayfair

7.An upholstered ottoman thats multi-use abilities will have you pointing it out to every guest that comes over. Whether you use it for a quick extra seat, more storage, a side table or to place your feet after a long day, this colorful velvet gem will surely be a conversation starter.

The ottoman in the emerald green color

Promising review: "This ottoman is beautiful! It’s small yet multi-functional. It’s a footrest, an extra side table, or an extra seat. The ottoman is sturdy and took less than 15 minutes to put together. I am thrilled with my purchase!" — Rebecca

Price: $69.99 (originally $114.99; available in 15 colors)

Becky / Wayfair

8.A rolling kitchen island with a nice farmhouse feel that can complete transform the dynamic of your kitchen and still looks almost decorative because of its warm design. The rolling feature providing you with the ability to get your chopping done out of the way of the rest of the counter.

The kitchen island under storage shelves

Promising review: "I purchased this for my daughter’s studio since she does not have a ton of room in her kitchen. It gave her the additional storage and counter space she needed so it was perfect. We got the gray-blue color, it’s beautiful!" —Julie

Price: $264.99 (originally $286.99; available in two colors)


9.A Keurig machine that will work as both an improvement to your home and your mood once you're more caffeinated each day. A small but mighty detail to add to the kitchen counter that can make your

The Keurig in the oasis color

Promising review: "Beautiful color and we love the ease of use. On button is on top along with the cup size selection, which is so convenient. Makes a delicious cup of coffee ☕️" —Gabrielle

Price: $116.53 (originally $129.99; available in five colors)

Bridgett / Wayfair

10.A wall decor piece like this one from Kelly Clarkson's line. If you want to give life to your walls but don't want to have to do too much, this art piece will do enough for you and look strategic.

The wall art above the headboard of a bed

Promising review: "I love wall art. I had a space in my livingroom that needed "something." When I saw this medallion wall art, I knew this would be perfect for that space...and it is!!" — Sharon

Price: $119.99 (available in two colors)

Donna / Wayfair

11.A pair of velvet pom-pom decorative pillows. It gives an opportunity to layer your living room with colors and be a subtle change

Two pillows in the light green color

Promising review: "This pillows are perfect for back, side or stomach sleepers. They're a great addition to any bedroom." —Tracey

Price: $43.99 (originally $49.99; available in nine colors)


12.A new solid color shower curtain for your bathroom

The buyers shower curtain hung in the sage green color

Promising review: "This is a quality shower curtain. It is a bright white and has a nice, simple pattern. If you are looking for something very neutral but with some texture, this is a great fit! It was delivered quickly." —Lindsay

Price: $32.99 (available in four colors)

anonymous / Wayfair

13.A desk to add to your house to encourage creativity and a better work space from home. Get more things done once you've actually carved out a space for it or... at least make it look like you're getting work done.

The desk in the white option with a desktop computer on it

Promising review: "Super cute modern desk for a small home office loft. I love the natural wood and the top is smooth white. I was happy that it came with the drawers assembled and all that was required was screwing on the legs! I love it! I can’t believe it was so inexpensive." —Elle

Price: $159.74 (originally $178; available in three colors and two sizes)

Justin / Wayfair

14.A set of tabletop canisters that can house your kitchen supplies in a way that is so enviably organized.

The three cannisters on a kitchen countertop

Promising review:"I love these cute little canisters! They look so great in my kitchen and all that modern farm house look that I love! I adore the wooden tops with the leather handles so unique!" —Victoria

Price: $66.99

Karen / Wayfair

15.A new set of bath rugs for your restroom that can add just the smallest pep in your step as you

Promising review:

Promising review:"Really like these floor mats. It was hard to find white mats with black trim. These are very absorbent. They are thick enough where they don’t slide. They do not have rubber backing but it’s not really necessary with these mats." —Sonia

Price: $32.99 (originally $37.99; available in four colors)

Judy / Wayfair

16.An accent chair complete with an ottoman that can serve as a new space to read or is simply there with its soft pastel colors just to look pretty.

The accent chair and ottoman in the pink linen color

Promising review: "The chair is exactly as pictured! It’s well made and easy to assemble. What I like most is that the chair is comfortable. I am very pleased with my purchase, the quality, value, and usability are superior!" —Sherry

Price: $285.99 (originally $319.99; available in seven colors)

Eve / Wayfair

17.A corner bookshelf for turning that corner in the empty room into something a little more decorative and useful than a meetup spot for this weeks dust bunnies.

Promising review:

Promising review: "This corner shelf was easy to assemble with just a screwdriver and is a fun attention-getter in my bathroom that makes guests smile when they open the door. AND it holds decorative items that warm up the bathroom environment without taking up valuable space." —Connie

Price: $35.99 (originally $57.99; available in two colors)

Glory / Wayfair

18.A Chanetta tray that brings elegance and organized to the housing place for all your remotes.

The tray on display holding a candle and flowers

Promising review: "Nice modern touch to any decor. I am in love with the gold . Looks fantastic ..exactly how it was described." —Miriame

Price: $61.99 (originally $80.05; available in two colors)

anonymous buyer / Wayfair

19.An audio rack to set the mood for Sunday chores or a Friday night get together. Create a new sonic landscape for whatever room and finally put all of your records on display.

The audio table with records stored on the shelves

Promising review: "Attractive, well-made stand, perfect for turntable, receiver and some albums. I like the mid-century modern look and this unit is definitely sturdy enough to feel comfortable with my turntable on top. While it won't hold all my vinyl, you can probably hold 50-60 albums easily. Bought one initially for my daughter, then added one for me." —Barry

Price: $123.99 (originally $164.99; available in two colors)

Amanda / Wayfair

20.A mounted coat rack that will be your best friend the remainder of this winter so you don't have to scramble to make room in your coat closet for every guest that comes over.

The mounted coat rack with two storage baskets and plants on top

Promising review: "Beautiful and useful. We hang hats, coats, bags, and scarves from it all at once. While gloves and shoes are in it, and glass bowls on top. Hold it all!" — Amy

Price: $129.99 (available in two colors)

Christi / Wayfair

21.New shades for your windows that look much more expensive than they are and can block out just the right amount of light.

The shade hanging over a window above a plant

Promising review: "Nice material. Like the texture. Easy to install. Put up on door with long glass window using. Perfect for my needs and excellent value." —Dorsey

Price: $68.83 (available in five colors)

Christina / Wayfair

22.A bed for your best furry pal that doesn't look out of place among all your other well-picked furniture. Without breaking the bank and spoiling your baby too much, you can give them a comfortable spot to sleep in the living room that doesn't look like the afterthought and final solution to hair on the couch like many dog beds can.

A small dog on the dog bed looking out the window

Promising review: "My pups love this bed! It was easily assembled and is very sturdy. The hairpin legs give it a mid century modern look. Wood isn’t too thin, and the cushion is covered in a fabric that is easily spot cleaned. Would recommend!" —Heather

Price: $71.88 (originally $90.57; available in two colors)


23.A bathroom accessory set that can organize all of your inexpensive bathroom musts in a way that looks very sleek and classic.

The bathroom accessory set next to the sink

Promising review: "This bathroom set is so beautiful! It’s made so well and came in such a pretty box and was well protected. The matte black goes perfectly with our bathroom and they are very easy to clean. The soap dispenser came with an extra pump which was nice!" —Alexa

Price: $68.18 (originally $82.27)

Kareema / Wayfair

24.A set of decorative books to strategically place somewhere to get a lot of attention and make your space look more artsy even if you can't afford all the paintings and photographs featured. It will double as a mindless flipping-through during family hangouts in the living room and take your eyes away from the various screens we're so used to.

The stack of four books

Promising review: "Beautiful coffee table books! Nice shades of sage green. The titles are interesting and I may actually read them!" —Renee

Price: $125.99 for four books


25.A shoe rack for the entrance to your home to hopefully have a wordless exchange between guests on where you'd like them to put their shoes.

The shoe rack holding multiple pairs of shoes

Promising review: "Great, easy to put together, slips in wherever you need it because you can change the width!! Ordered 2 for one closet." —Sarah

Price: $50

Robert / Wayfair

26.An outdoor door mat that can set the tone for your home before anyone has even stepped inside. An easy and effective way to immediately say "welcome to my space" and encourages people to pay attention to each small detail you've put behind making your home.

The door mat reading "hello" in front of the front door

Promising review: "Excellent! I love how simple and clean it looks. Perfect size, good quality. I’d definitely recommend it." —Basha

Price: $24.99

Christina / Wayfair

27.A floating nightstand for the bedroom that can fool anyone and everyone into thinking it's some impressive architecture feature and not the inexpensive and easy DIY project that it really is.

The nightstand in white next to a bed

Promising review: "I love this shelf. The directions were very easy to follow and came together in an hour. The package includes drywall screws for sheet rock and plaster. It was nice to still have the space of a bedside cabinet but not loose the floor space." —Vivianna

Price: $86.99 (originally $89.99; available in three colors)

Amanda / Wayfair

28.A mounted jewelry armoire to actually have it be lain out for you so you're not untangling everything in search of one specific piece. It also locks if you, like us, tend to be extra cautious and protective over our most important family heirlooms.

The white jewelry armoire mounted on a wall with a lot of jewelry stored away

Promising review: "Just as advertised! Lots of space, easy to mount, refined finish. Comes with all hardware needed and a second key. Happy to finally have a functional jewelry storage system" —Gillian

Price: $76.99 (originally $97.98; available in two colors)

Cheryl / Wayfair

29.A set of photo frames for taking the Kodak moments out of storage and can happily display them for all your guests to see. You pick the memories to show off and let these frames bring the photos flimsy bodies to life.

Three of the frames atop a table and decorative books

Promising review: "This frame is gorgeous! The details suit many different styles. I placed this on a client’s entryway console as it is such a unique frame and many people take notice." —Keiranne

Price: $50 (originally $60)


30.A faux fur throw to drape over your living room furniture. It will give off mature and sophisticated but most importantly provide support for your poor toes when they're freezing and the episode isn't even 15 minutes in yet.

The white throw folded over a sectional couch

Promising review: "These are such a good deal for the price soft on one side and incredibly warm. I bought to use on the deck for fall and winter. Easy to clean!" —Lisa

Price: $44.99 (originally $56.99; available in seven colors)

Jocelyn / Wayfair