The Silicon Valley Stoic: A Glimpse Into Jack Dorsey's Bizarre Morning Routine

Being the CEO of a multinational company is hard. Now imagine simultaneously having to run two major companies.

Such is the life that Jack Dorsey leads. As the CEO of Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) and Square (NYSE: SQ), Dorsey is the dictionary definition of a man with superhuman abilities.

But how does he manage to run these two companies successfully? His intense wellness habits.

The 43-year-old follows a series of set habits, including an extreme morning routine that involves waking up at 5 a.m., taking cold showers, and walking 5 miles to work.

Here are five things that Jack Dorsey does in the morning to remain productive and focused throughout the day.

Wake Up At 5 a.m.

Like many other executives, Dorsey is part of the admirable 5 a.m. club. On most weekdays, he's up before the sun rises.

Waking up at 5 a.m. gives Dorsey time for personal improvement. He uses these extra morning hours to meditate, walk to work, or work out.

Before he started walking to work, Dorsey used to wake up at 5:30 to meditate and go for a 6-mile jog. By waking up before the world does, Dorsey creates time for himself — time that he uses to improve his mental and physical health.

Take A Cold Bath

Dorsey starts his day with an ice-cold bath. This immediate shift from a warm bed to a cold bath gives him more mental confidence.

In his bestseller, "The Willpower Instinct," Dr. Kelly McGonigal explains that doing uncomfortable things like taking a cold shower allows a person to build neuropathways that make them more resilient.

Taking an ice-cold bath allows Dorsey to program his mind to believe he can do nearly anything, a mindset that has helped him to run Twitter and Square.


Running two multinational companies can take a toll on your mental health. This is why Dorsey meditates for one hour every morning, a practice he’s kept up for 20 years. According to Dorsey, meditation has had the most significant impact on his mental health.

Research shows meditation to have numerous benefits, including decreasing anxiety, depression and stress, as well as increasing the ability to multi-task and focus.

No Breakfast

Perhaps his most controversial habit, Dorsey only eats one meal (dinner) during workdays.

Various nutritionists have argued this practice of intermittent fasting may not be healthy for Dorsey. But according to Dorsey, intermittent fasting allows him to use the time to do other more important things.

Walk To Work

Jack Dorsey has enough money to hire any car or charter a flight to drop him at his office. However, the Twitter and Square CEO walks 5 miles to his office three times a week.

Dorsey explains that he uses the one hour and 15-minute walk to think and listen to the Wim hot podcast. The walk allows him to enjoy the morning sun.

“It’s refreshing ... It’s just this one of those take-back moments where you’re like, ‘Wow, I’m alive!’” Dorsey said.

On the days he doesn't go to the office, Dorsey does 7 minutes of intense workout.

Other wellness habits Dorsey practices throughout the day to remain productive and healthy include using a standing desk with a near-infrared lamp, taking Vitamin C supplements, journaling in the evening, and monitoring his sleep.

Photo credit: JD Lasica, Flickr

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