Side-Sleeping Pioneer Puts The Fun In Functional With New Kid-Friendly Offerings

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Pillow Cube Expands Portfolio with Launch of Pillow Cubs

LINDON, Utah, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Maker of the side-sleeper's favorite accessory, Pillow Cube, is excited to announce the launch of Pillow Cubs, a fun and functional pillow designed to encourage side sleep early on. Pillow Cubs is the latest innovation in the brand's portfolio of sleep solutions, joining the wildly popular Pillow Cube Classic and Pro.

Pillow Cubs by Pillow Cube
Pillow Cubs by Pillow Cube

Experts agree that side sleep is the #1 sleeping position for respiration, circulation, reduced snoring and digestion. By filling the "Pillow Hole," the space between one's shoulder and head, Pillow Cube keeps one's head and neck properly aligned, to deliver a more comfortable and prolonged rest. The newest iteration in the Pillow Cube lineup, Pillow Cubs, is intended to deliver soft and supportive side sleep with an extra cuddly touch to make bedtime more enjoyable for children.

A toy by day and a pillow by night, the Pillow Cubs are perfect for napping, cuddling, travelling and playing. The new offering features five furry friends: Sleepy Shark, Uniquely Unicorn, Bravery Bear, Silly Sloth and Helpful Husky, to help kids get excited about their nighttime routine and introduce them to better sleep.

"Getting children to fall asleep and stay asleep can be a nightly battle. We want to make this process stress-free for parents and more agreeable for kids," said Pillow Cube Chief Executive Officer, Jay Davis. "As side sleeping specialists, we wanted to bring to market a pillow that had all the same qualities that Pillow Cube lovers have fallen in love with, but in a format that would appeal best to little ones. Not to mention, my kids kept stealing my pillows."

With the aim of improving bedtime by helping kids dream more deeply, and allowing them to sleep soundly through the night, Pillow Cubs' key product features include:

  • Machine Washable Outer Cover

  • Kid Friendly Foam Core That is Non-Toxic, Soft and Supportive, Ultra Durable

  • No-Fold Middle

  • Made in the USA With the Highest Quality Materials

The Pillow Cubs will be available to purchase for $69.99 on

To learn more about Pillow Cube, the only pillow that is specifically designed just for side sleepers, check out the brand's website, and follow along @pillowcube on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

About Pillow Cube
Pillow Cube is the #1 side sleeper pillow. The best and most comfortable pillow collection for side sleepers on the market, Pillow Cube was invented to fill the "pillow-hole" – the space between a side sleeper's shoulder and head. Providing proper support for your head and alignment for your neck, Pillow Cube is made in the USA with the highest quality materials.

Pillow Cube is the side sleeper's best friend and comes in a variety of pillow formats, including the CLASSIC cube-shape, the PRO for those who roll from side to side during the night and the CUBS for kids.

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Pillow Cube Logo
Pillow Cube Logo

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