Short Film Captures the Essence of The Art of Human Care Theory

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WASHINGTON, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In a 5-minute film, From Death to Life, Dr. Hassan Tetteh, author of The Art of Human Care, takes viewers into the world of heart and lung transplantation. Through the film, viewers witness the steps and preparation involved in completing a successful transplant case.

"I hope the video conveys my purpose as a healer and highlights the many people responsible for making a transplant case successful. Transplant surgery is the ultimate team enterprise with the donor patient and recipient patient at the center of our care," said Tetteh.

The film follows Tetteh into the operating room as he performs a heart extraction and then shows him being air lifted to deliver the organ to the recipient. He shares with viewers how he and his team help families reconcile that the organs of their loved one will go to someone who is in desperate need of them.

The film also captures the three elements of The Art of Human Care theory: purpose, personalization, and partnership.

Purpose: We figure our purpose when we do something for someone else. Tetteh realized that his purpose was to heal.

Personalization: Personalized care and treatment exemplifies a true healer – providing treatment that takes the patient's life in total (daily activity, external stress, etc.) into consideration is key.

Partnership: In order to restore a patient's health a partnership must be created between the health care provider, the patient's family, the patient's community and the care team.

The theory was created by Tetteh, who is a thoracic surgeon for MedStar Health and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and leads a Specialized Transplant Adapted Recovery (STAR) Team, in Washington, DC.

"I understand the awesome responsibility I have as a heart and lung transplant surgeon. Patients place their trust and their lives in my hands, and our team must never forget that," Tetteh said.

"Over my career, my patients have taught me the most," Tetteh continued. "I learned from my patients that one does not have to cure to heal. Healing begins with care, compassion, and delivering human care."

In his book, Tetteh narrates his experiences as a patient whose life was saved and as physician who saves lives. "The Art of Human Care" combines the healing power of art and compassion and personifies the human condition through compelling stories.

Tetteh also serves as the Health Mission Chief for Warfighter Health at the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) in the Department of Defense (DoD). He is a US Navy Captain and Associate Professor of Surgery at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and adjunct faculty at Howard University College of Medicine.

Elijah Wells, CEO of Wells Entertainment Group, served as executive producer and director of the film, and Steven Muela shot and edited the film. For more information about the film and The Art of Human Care, please visit Tetteh's website.

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