Shore Conference Wrestling Tournament Results

Wrestling Mats

TEAM STANDINGS (TOP 10): 1. Christian Brothers Academy 196.5; 2. St. John Vianney 180; 3. Howell 115; 4. Raritan 101; 5. Brick Memorial 87.5; 6. Jackson Memorial 71.5; 7. Middletown South 67.5; 8. Rumson-Fair Haven 66; 9. Middletown North 61; 10. Point Pleasant Boro 59.5.


120: Anthony Knox (St. John Vianney) tf. Xavier Ortega (Howell) 5:52 (22-7)

126: Jack Zaleski (Middletown South) d. Sebastian Ortega (Howell) 3-1

132: Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) by medical forfeit over Giovanni Scafidi (Howell).

138: Zach Reilley (Raritan) by medical forfeit over Angelo Messina (Freehold).

144: Julian George (Christian Brothers Academy) md. Joey Giordano (Long Branch) 13-5.

150: Tyler Barrett (Christian Brothers Academy) d. James Farina (Ocean) 3-1.

157: Zander Silva (Christian Brothers Academy) d. David Hussey (Middletown South) 1-0.

165: Jasiah Queen (St. John Vianney) md. Anthony Lawrence 20-8

175: Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) p. Alexander Reyes (Holmdel) 1:33.

190: D.J. Henry (Howell) d. Matt Coon (Lacey) 6-4.

215: Hudson Skove (Rumson-Fair Haven) d. Rob Canterino (Christian Brothers Academy) 2-1 (tiebreaker period No. 1)

HWT: Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial) d. Kei'Sun Sanders (Wall) 1-0.


120: Dezmond Lenaghan (Donovan Catholic) d. Noah Michaels (Red Bank Catholic), 3-0

126: Sawyer Ostroff (Donovan Catholic) d. A.J. Falcone (CBA), 1-0

132: Mason Livio (Pinelands) d. Joe Dolci (Toms River North), 5-2

138: Colin Oden (Middletown North) p. Richard Davis (Donovan Catholic), 3:00

144: Braden Kmak (Raritan) p. John Saraiva (St. John Vianney), 1:29

150: Cole Stangle (St. John Vianney) d. Ryan Acquisto (Point Boro), 3-1 (sudden victory)

157: Nick DeLorenzo (Toms River East) d. Jack Thompson (Point Boro), 5-0

165: Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial) p. Joe Berryman (Freehold), 3:45

175: Nick Stump (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Tyler Palumbo (Red Bank), 5:17

190: Kieran Falzon (Raritan) d. Conor Delaney (Rumson-Fair Haven), 5-3

215: Michael Foley (St. John Vianney) p. Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty), 4:38

285:-Michael Justo Bautista (Manchester) d. Donovan Wilkinson (Toms River South), 4-3

106: Joey DeAngelo (Point Boro) d. Michael DiBiase (Wall), 5-4

113: Andrew Mucciolo (Manalapan) d. Jason Seda (Jackson Memorial), 3-1.


120: Lawrence Liss (Matawan) p. Tyler Venet (Christian Brothers Academy) 2:30.

126: Ryan Mansueto (Raritan) by medical forfeit over Jake Zaltsman (St. John Vianney)

132: Vincent DePierro (Manalapan) p. Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan), 3:23

138: Cole Pangborn (Rumson-Fair Haven) d. Brody Elk (Brick Memorial), 4-1

144: 7-Liam Flanigan (Freehold Township) by medical forfeit over 3-Kieran Bruen (Howell)

150: Colin Palumbo (Matawan) by forfeit over Donovan DiStefano (Wall)

157: Andrew Fata (Freehold) d. Kevin McBride (St. John Vianney), 11-7

165: Frank Romeo (Red Bank Catholic) p. Bobby Mulligan (Raritan), 3:04

175: Thomas Cleary (St. John Vianney) p. Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch), 1:48

190: Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial) d. Michael Palmieri (Red Bank Catholic), 5-2

215: Nick Benjamino (Freehold Township) by medical forfeit over Lucas Ainbinder (Middletown North)

HWT: Tommy Whyte (Middletown South) d. Thomas Richards (Howell), 3-1

106: Eamon Fry (Rumson-Fair Haven) d. Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial), 5-0

113:Ricky Gomez (Matawan) by medical forfeit over Kevin Ruland (Red Bank).


106: Brady Klinsky (Middletown North) d. Michael DiBiase (Wall) 8-3; Matthew Gould (St. John Vianney) d. Eamon Fry (Rumson-Fair Haven) 7-2.

113: Patrick O'Keefe (St. John Vianney) md. Jay Seda (10-0; Robert Duffy (Christian Brothers Academy) d. Richard Gomez (Matawan) 9-4.

120: Anthony Knox (St. John Vianney) p. Tyler Venet (Christian Brothers Academy) 1:16; Xavier Ortega (Howell) d. Dezmond Lenaghan (Donovan Catholic) 8-7.

126: Jack Zaleski (Middletown South) p. Ryan Mansueto (Raritan): 34; Sebastian Ortega (Howell) d. Jake Zaltsman (St. John Vianney) 1-0.

132: Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) tf. Mason Livio (Pinelands) 1:52 (22-6); Giovanni Scafidi (Howell) md. Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan) 12-4.

138: Angelo Messina (Freehold) d. Cole Pangborn (Rumson-Fair Haven) 8-5; Zach Reilley (Raritan) p. Brody Elk (Brick Memorial) :28.

144: Julian George (Christian Brothers Academy) tf. Braden Kmak (Raritan) 4:55 (23-8); Joey Giordano (Long Branch) md. Kieran Bruen (Howell) 12-3.

150: Tyler Barrett (Christian Brothers Academy) d. Cole Stangle (St. John Vianney) 1-0; James Farina (Ocean) d. Donovan DiStefano (Wall) 4-3.

157: Zander Silva (Christian Brothers Academy) d. Nicholas Delorenzo (Toms River East ) 3-2; David Hussey (Middletown South) d. Jack Thompson (Point Pleasant Boro) 7-0.

165: Jasiah Queen (St. John Vianney) tf. Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial) 3:03 (22-6); Anthony Lawrence (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Joseph Berryman (Freehold) 2:12.

175: Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) p. Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch) 1:28; Alexander Reyes (Holmdel) d. Nick Stump (Christian Brothers Academy) 5-2.

190: D.J. Henry (Howell) md. Connor Delaney (Rumson-Fair Haven 9-1; Matt Coon (Lacey) p. Kieran Falzon (Raritan) 2:39.

215: Hudson Skove (Rumson-Fair Haven) d. Lucas Ainbinder (Middletown North) 7-3; Robert Canterino (Christian Brothers Academy) d. Michael Foley (St. John Vianney) 10-4.

HWT: Kei'Sun Sanders (Wall) d. Thomas Whyte (Middletown South) 11-6; Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial) d. Donovan Wilkinson (Toms River South) 5-0.


106: Brady Klinsky (Middletown North) p. Joshua Renna (Long Branch) 2:30; Michael DiBiase (Wall) d. Joseph DeAngelo (Point Pleasant Boro) 8-4; Eamon Fry (Rumson-Fair Haven) d. Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial) 5-4; Matthew Gould (St. John Vianney) p. Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty) 1:16.

113: Patrick O'Keefe (St. John Vianney) d. Andrew Mucciolo (Manalapan) 5-0; Jay Seda (Jackson Memorial) d. Frankie Burgio (Point Pleasant Boro) 5-2; Ricky Gomez (Matawan) p. Aidan Davis (Raritan) 1:34; Robert Duffy (Christian Brothers Academy) d. Kevin Ruland (Red Bank) 7-2.

120: Anthony Knox (St. John Vianney) p. James Renna (Long Branch) 2:35; Tyler Venet (Christian Brothers Academy) d. Lawrence Liss (Matawan) 9-4; Dezmond Lenaghan (Donovan Catholic) d. Anthony Vitola (Manalapan) 1-0; Xavier Ortega (Howell) d. Noah Michaels (Red Bank Catholic) 4-0.

126: Jack Zaleski (Middletown South) p. Jonathan Espinosa (Jackson Memorial) 1:20; Ryan Mansueto (Raritan) d. Sawyer Ostroff (Donovan Catholic) 6-5; Jake Zaltsman (St. John Vianney) d. A.J. Falcone (Christian Brothers Academy) 3-1; Sebastian Ortega (Howell) p. Alexander Grant (Freehold Township) 3:42.

132: Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) p. Alex Delaurier (Raritan) 2:53; Mason Livio (Pinelands) d. Joe Dolci (Toms River North) 11-8; Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan) d. Vincent DePierro (Manalapan) 9-4; Giovanni Scafidi (Howell) md. Lucas Lipari (Jackson Memorial) 16-4.

138: Angelo Messina (Freehold) md. Nate Fletcher (Point Pleasant Boro) 9-1; Cole Pangborn (Rumson-Fair Haven) d. Colin Oden (Middletown North) 6-0; Brody Elk (Brick Memorial) d. J.J. Machnik (Howell) 6-2; Zach Reilley (Raritan) d. Richard Davis (Donovan Catholic) 7-2.

144: Julian George (Christian Brothers Academy) tf. John Saravia 5:15 (22-6); Braden Kmak (Raritan) by forfeit; Kieran Bruen (Howell) by forfeit; Joey Giordano (Long Branch) p. Liam Flanigan (Freehold Township) 3:09.

150: Tyler Barrett (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Logan Smith (Long Branch) 1:09; Cole Stangle (St. John Vianney) d. Ryan Acquisto (Point Pleasant Boro) 7-0; James Farina (Ocean) d. Colin Palumbo (Matawan) 8-4; Donovan DiStefano (Wall) md. Alexander Todisco (Holmdel) 14-1.

157: Zander Silva (Christian Brothers Academy) tf. Will Kinsella 5:50 (18-3); Nicholas Delorenzo (Toms River East) d. Kevin McBride (St. John Vianney) 9-2; David Hussey (Middletown South) tf. Andrew Fata (Freehold) (18-3) 5:37; Jack Thompson (Point Pleasant Boro) d. Matthew Castelli (Middletown North) 7-4.

165: Jasiah Queen (St. John Vianney) tf. Riley Gutierrez (Donovan Catholic) 1:40 (23-6); Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial) d. Frank Romeo (Red Bank Catholic) 6-4; Joseph Berryman (Freehold) p. Robert Mulligan (Raritan) 3:08; Anthony Lawrence (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Michael Poniros (Ocean) 2:16.

175: Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) p. Thomas Cleary (St. John Vianney) 2:43; Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch) d. Dante Mortellite (Manchester) 5-2; Alexander Reyes (Holmdel) d. Hector Milan (Toms River East) 6-0; Nick Stump (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Tyler Palumbo (Red Bank) :46.

190: D.J. Henry (Howell) md. Peter Grippo (Christian Brothers Academy) 15-4; Conor Delaney (Rumson-Fair Haven) d. Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial) 8-1; Kieran Falzon (Raritan) d. Michael Palmieri (Red Bank Catholic) 5-2; Matt Coon (Lacey) p. Aidan Harrington (Freehold Township) 5:25.

215: Hudson Skove (Rumson-Fair Haven) p. Nicholas Benjamino (Freehold Township) 1:17; Lucas Ainbinder (Middletown North) d. Cosmo Zaccaro (Central) 6-4 (sudden victory); Michael Foley (St. John Vianney) p. Jake Klein 2:43; Robert Canterino (Christian Brothers Academy) p. James Lynch (Toms River East) 3:42.

HWT: Kei'Sun Sanders (Wall) p. Brody Sager (Lacey) :59; Thomas Whyte (Middletown South) d. Thomas Richards (Howell) 3-1; Donovan Wilkinson (Toms River South) p. Mark Godsil (Long Branch) 1:37; Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial) d. Mario Justo-Batista (Manchester) 3-1.


MIDDLETOWN - The most highly-anticipated potential final in this weekend's Shore Conference Individual Wrestling Championships would have taken place at 175 pounds with defending state champion Harvey Ludington of Brick Memorial wrestling 2021 state 170-pound runner-up Sabino Portella of Red Bank Catholic.

However, that final will not take place because neither Portella, or his brother - junior heavyweight Lorenzo Portella were entered into the tournament.

Sabino Portella, who is a two-time state top four finisher, would have been the No. 2 seed at 175. Lorenzo Portella, the NJSIAA seventh-place finisher at heavyweight last season, would have been the top seed at heavyweight.

The reasons for the absences of the Portella brothers are different. Sabino Portella has been nursing injuries sustained during football season, Red Bank Catholic coach Joe Gallagher said. Lorenzo Portella is taking the weekend to mull over his collegiate options in both football and wrestling Gallagher said.

abino Portella missed the first four weeks of the season with his injuries. He returned to action Jan. 14, but five of his eight wins have been by forfeit.

"He's not fully ready,'' Gallagher said Friday night at Middletown South during the first night of the two-day SCT. 'He's not out (for the rest of the season). It's a matter of just being smart. We're picking spots.''

The goal is to have Portella as close to 100 percent as he can be when the individual portion of the season begins Feb. 18 with the district tournaments. Red Bank Catholic is in District 20, which will be at Middletown North.

The 175-pound weight class is probably the toughest in the state two state champions from last season in Ludington and Delbarton's Simon Ruiz, Delsea's Jared Schoppe, the runner-up at 175 last season, Portella and North Bergen's Joshua Palacio, the runner-up at 190 last season to current Rutgers' freshman Brian Soldano. Ludington defeated Portella 2-0 in last year's state quarterfinal.

"I believe this is one of the toughest weights in the country,'' Gallagher said. "He hasn't wrestled at 100 percent since his sophomore year Last year, he wasn't 100 percent in AC (the state tournament) and his god mother died the night before the quarterfinals.

"We're focused on just trying to make things so right for this kid. We're just trying to make it right as possible,'' Gallagher said.

All of the top three seeds in the 14 weight classes advanced to the quarterfinals, which will take place Saturday morning at 10 a.m. The lowest seed to advance was No. 13 Tornick Kajaia of Long Branch at 175. Six No. 10 seeds, five No. 11 seeds and No. 9 seeds advanced.

The semifinals will take place at 1 p.m. Saturday and the first, third and fifth-place bouts will take place at 3:30 p.m. Saturday,




TEAM STANDINGS (TOP 10): 1. St. John Vianney 36; 2. Christian Brothers Academy 35; 3. Raritan 34; 4. Howell 28; 5 (tie). Brick Memorial 23.5; Point Pleasant Boro 23.5; 7. Jackson Memorial 22.5; 8. Long Branch 22; 9 (tie). Middletown North 19; Middletown South 19.

106: Brady Klinsky (Middletown North) p Danny Bryant (Manchester :39; Joshua Renna (Long Branch) p. Ethan Michaels 2:39; Joseph DeAngelo (Point Boro) p. Josiah Sweeney 1:14; Michael DiBiase (Wall) d. Michael Napolitano (Brick Memorial) 3-2; Eamon Fry (Rumson-Fair Haven) p. Nicholas Sheldrick (Raritan) "I 2:52; Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial) tf. Wyatt Pharo (Pinelands) 3:11 (16-0); Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty) d. Brendan Schuler (Lacey) 5-3; Matthew Gould (SJV) p. Rowen Blackmore (Holmdel) 1:17.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Brady Klinsky (Middletown North) vs., 8. Joshua Renna (Long Branch); 5. Joey DeAngelo (Point Pleasant Boro) vs. 4. Michael DiBiase (Wall); 3. Eamon Fy vs. 6. Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial); 10. Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty) vs. 2. Matthew Gould (St. John Vianney).

113: Patrick O'Keefe (St. John Vianney) tf. Nate Fazio (Ocean) 2:00 (17-2); Andrew Mucciolo (Manalapan) p. Andrew Perez (Manchester) 4:27; Jay Seda (Jackson Memorial) md. Owen Beneciuk (Toms River South); Frankie Burgio (Point Boro) p. Anthony Astorino (Middletown North): 27; Aidan Davis (Raritan) p. Sam Sheridan (Freehold) 3:17; Ricky Gomez (Matawan) p. Zachary Veniskey (Middletown South) 1:15; Bobby Duffy (CBA) p. Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial) 1:59; Kevin Ruland (Red Bank) p. Ryan Beharry (Long Branch) 3:16.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Patrick O'Keefe (St. John Vianney) vs. 8. Andrew Mucciolo (Manalapan); 5. Jay Seda (Jackson Memorial) vs. 4. Frankie Burgio (Point Pleasant Boro); 3. Ricky Gomez (Matawan) vs. 6. Aidan Davis (Raritan); 10. Bobby Duffy (CBA) vs. 2. Kevin Ruland (Red Bank).

120: Anthony Knox (St. John Vianney) tf. Luke DeBenedett (Point Pleasant Beach) 2:00 (16-1); James Renna (Long Branch) d. Jacob Portman (Middletown North) 7-5 (sudden victory); Tyler Venet (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Ryan Walsh (Monmouth) 2:43; Lawrence Liss (Matawan) p. Carson Cheong (Toms River South) 1:07; Dezmond Lenaghan (Donovan Catholic) md. Domenic Demarzo (Shore) 18-5; Anthony Vitola (Manalapan) md. Matt Erven (Raritan) 9-0; Noah Michaels (Red Bank Catholic) d. Luis Espinosa (Jackson Memorial) 4-0; Xavier Ortega (Howell) md. Dominic Sena (Red Bank) 12-3.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Anthony Knox (St. John Vianney) vs. 9. James Renna (Long Branch); 5. Tyler Venet (CBA) vs. 4. Lawrence Liss (Matawan); 3. Dezmond Lenaghan (Donovan Catholic) vs. 6. Anthony Vitola (Manalapan); 7. Noah Michaels (Red Bank Catholic) vs. 2. Xavier Ortega (Howell).

126: Jack Zaleski (Middletown South) p. Gage Grant (Manalapan): 16; Jonathan Espinosa (Jackson Memorial) md. Jaton Wellington (Toms River East) 10-1; Sawyer Ostroff (Donovan Catholic) tf. Nicholas Wall (Middletown North) 4:00 (19-3); Ryan Mansueto (Raritan) p. Alexander Liss (Matawan 1:29; Jake Zaltsman (St. John Vianney) tf. P.J. Niethe (Point Pleasant Beach) 2:51 (19-4); A.J. Falcone (Christian Brothers Academy) md. Michael O'Connor (Manasquan) 18-4; Alexander Grant (Freehold Township) d. Josiah Hart (Pinelands) 5-3; Sebastian Ortega (Howell) p. Matt Falcone (Marlboro) 1:16.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Jack Zaleski (Middletown South) vs. 9. Jonathan Espinosa (Jackson Memorial); 5. Sawyer Ostroff (Donovan Catholic) vs. 4. Ryan Mansueto (Raritan); 3. Jake Zaltsman (St. John Vianney) vs. 6. A.J. Falcone (CBA); 7. Alexander Grant (Freehold Township) vs. 2. Sebastian Ortega (Howell).

132: Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) tf. Thomas Drea (Neptune) 1:45 (23-8); Alex Delaurier (Raritan) d. Aidan Ott (Lacey) 4-0; Mason Livio (Pinelands) d. Dominick Interrante (Wall) 1-0; Joe Dolci (Toms River North) d. Mike Volek (Ocean) 10-4; Vincent DePierro (Manalapan) p. Walker Skove (Rumson-Fair Haven) 1:06; Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan) d. Justin Fearon (Middletown North) 10-3; Lucas Lipari (Jackson Memorial) p. Dominic Terracciano (Keansburg) 5:11; Giovanni Scafidi (Howell) tf. Austin Mitrosky (Manchester) 3:58 (18-3).

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial) vs. 9. Alex Delaurier (Raritan); 5. Joe Dolci (Toms River North) vs. 4. Mason Livio (Pinelands); 3. Vincent DePierro (Manalapan) vs. 11. Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan) 10. Lucas Lipari (Jackson Memorial) vs. 2. Giovanni Scafidi (Howell).

138: Angelo Messina (Freehold) p. Andrew Silva (Marlboro) 2:32; Nate Fletcher (Point Pleasant Boro) p. Andrew Sherry (Brick) 4:26; Colin Oden (Middletown North) md. Tyler French (Lacey) 15-5; Cole Pangborn (Rumson-Fair Haven) p. Robert Connelley (Red Bank Catholic) 5:34; J.J. Machinik (Howell) md. Daniel Ramirez (Long Branch) 15-5; Brody Elk (Brick Memorial) d. Nikko Rucci (Jackson Memorial) 10-3; Richard Davis (Donovan Catholic) tf. Ryan Willi (Middletown South) 5:17 (21-5); Zach Reilley (Raritan) p. Steve Breen (Keyport) :12.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Angelo Messina (Freehold) vs. 9. Nate Fletcher (Point Pleasant Boro); 5. Cole Pangborn (Rumson-Fair Haven vs. 4. Colin Oden (Middletown North); 3. J.J. Machnik (Howell) vs. 6. Brody Elk (Brick Memorial); 7. Richard Davis (Donovan Catholic) vs. 2. Zach Reilley (Raritan).

144: Julian George (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Ian Mendez (Keansburg) 2:37; John Saraiva (St. John Vianney) p. Michael Connelly (Freehold) 5:03; Braden Kmak (Raritan) p. Jordan Ayyash (Jackson Liberty) 3:25; Matt Gauthier (Lacey) p. Sam Scaturro (Point Boro) 6:33 (sudden victory); Kieran Bruen (Howell) tf. Tristan Pedre (Toms River North) 5:22 (15-0); Marco Conroy (Red Bank Catholic) p. Alec Holland 2:56; Liam Flanigan (Freehold Township) d. Evan Ridgway (Rumson-Fair Haven) 10-7; Joey Giordano (Long Branch) p. Connor Brown (Middletown North) 1:16.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Julian George (CBA) vs. 9. John Saraiva (St. John Vianney); 5. Matt Gauthier (Lacey) vs. 4. Braden Kmak (Raritan); 3. Kieran Bruen (Howell) vs. 11. Marco Conroy (Red Bank Catholic); 10. Liam Flanigan (Freehold Township) vs. 2. Joey Giordano (Long Branch).

150: Tyler Barrett (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Alex Jang (Marlboro) :27; 9. Logan Smith (Long Branch) d. Ty Koch (Shore) 6:33; Ryan Acquisto (Point Pleasant Boro) tf. Quincy Esannason (Neptune) 5:03 (16-1); Cole Stangle (St. John Vianney) d. Mason Pirnik (Brick Memorial) 9-2; James Farina (Ocean) p. Robert Stolfa (Red Bank Catholic) :40; Colin Palumbo (Matawan) d. Logan Acevedo (Raritan) 7-2; A.J. Todisco (Holmdel) d. Caden Langan (Toms River South) 3-0.; Donovan DiStefano (Wall) tf. Daniel Orsen (Manalapan) 4:20 (19-1).

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Tyler Barrett (CBA) vs. 9. Logan Smith (Long Branch); 5. Ryan Acquisto (Point Pleasant Boro) vs. 4. Cole Stangle (St. John Vianney); 3. James Farina (Ocean) vs. 11. Colin Palumbo (Matawan); 7. A.J. Todisco (Holmdel) vs. 2. Donovan DiStefano (Wall).

157: Zander Silva (CBA) bye; Will Kinsella (Wall) p. Jack Cleary (Holmdel) :53; Nicholas DeLorenzo (Toms River East) p. Ian Mallon (Brick) 3:03; Kevin McBride (St. John Vianney) p. Brody Kaplan (Colts Neck) :36; David Hussey (Middletown South) p. Jack Devaney (Raritan) :19; Andrew Fata (Freehold) p. Max Wright (Brick Memorial) :56; Matt Castelli (Middletown North) md. Gavin Merkel (Howell) 14-2; Jack Thompson (Point Pleasant Boro) p. Josh Calixte (Ocean) 1:08.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Zander Silva (CBA) vs. 8. Will Kinsella (Wall); 5. Nicholas DeLorenzo (Toms River East) vs. 4. Kevin McBride (St. John Vianney); 3. David Hussey (Middletown South) vs. 6. Andrew Fata (Freehold); 10. Matt Castelli (Middletown North) vs. 2. Jack Thompson (Point Pleasant Boro).

165: Jasiah Queen (St. John Vianney) tf. Jack Ramsey (Monmouth 1:44 (18-3); Riley Gutierrez (Donovan Catholic) d. Tyler Criscuolo (Point Pleasant Boro); Frank Romeo (Red Bank Catholic) d. Joshua Caldlearia (Brick) 8-2; Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial) p. Yael Carpinteryo (Toms River East) 4:16; Joseph Berryman (Freehold) p. Jayden Martins (Lacey) 2:31; Robert Mulligan (Raritan) p. Trey Tallmadge (Brick Memorial) 3:06; Michael Poniros (Ocean) d. Cristan Cunalata (Long Branch) 8-5.; Anthony Lawrence (CBA) p. Lucas White (Shore) 1:24.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Jasiah Queen (St. John Vianney) vs. 9. Riley Gutierrez (Donovan Catholic); 5. Frank Romeo (Red Bank Catholic) vs. 4. Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial); 3. Joseph Berryman (Freehold) vs. 6. Robert Mulligan (Raritan); 10. Michael Poniros (Ocean) vs. 2. Anthony Lawrence (CBA).

175: Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) p. Travis Trempy (Brick) :44; Thomas Cleary (St. John Vianney) p. Luciano Ferranti (Lacey) 1:10; Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch) d. Gavin Wagner (Pinelands) 3-2; Dante Mortellite (Manchester) p. Lance Santos (Matawan) 2:37; Alex Reyes (Holmdel) tf. Brian Lee (Manasquan) 2:55 (15-0); Hector Milian (Toms River East) d. Ryan O'Cone (Barnegat) 1-0; Tyler Palumbo (Red Bank) d. Kareem Fayed (Jackson Liberty) 3-0; Nick Stump (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Riley Jankowski (Keansburg) :47.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) vs. 8. Thomas Cleary (St. John Vianney); 5. Dante Mortellite (Manchester) vs. 13. Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch); 3. Alex Reyes (Holmdel) vs. 6. Hector Milian (Toms River East); 10. Tyler Palumbo (Red Bank) vs. 2. Nick Stump (CBA).

190: D.J. Henry (Howell) p. Chris Taddeo (Middletown South) :36; Peter Grippo (Christian Brothers Academy) p. Amir Shakhnavazov (Colts Neck) 3:24; 5. Conor Delaney (Rumson-Fair Haven) p. Joseph Camileri (Monmouth) 1:57;.Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial) p. Thomas Schulter (Point Pleasant Beach) 2:31; Kieran Falzon (Raritan) p. Matt Metrick (Keyport) 3:07; Michael Palmieri (Red Bank Catholic) d. Kenny Wines (Manalapan) 10-5; Aidan Harrington (Freehold Township) p. John Steele (Holmdel) 2:32; Matt Coon (Lacey) p. Tyler Taylor (Long Branch) 2:32.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. D.J. Henry (Howell) vs. 9. Peter Grippo (CBA); 5. Conor Delaney (Rumson-Fair Haven) vs. 4. Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial); 3. Kieran Falzon (Raritan) vs. 11. Michael Palmieri (Red Bank Catholic); 10. Aidan Harrington (Freehold Township) vs. 2. Matt Coon (Lacey).

215: Hudson Skove (Rumson-Fair Haven) bye; Nicholas Benjamino (Freehold Township) d. Trevor Perlow (Marlboro) 4-2; Lucas Ainbinder (Middletown North) p. Noah Mammeri (Manasquan) 2:30; Cosmo Zacarro (Central) p. Evan Eckerstrom (Red Bank) 4:32; Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty) p. Carter Stokes (Freehold) 3:55; Michael Foley (St. John Vianney) p. Joaquin Aguilar (Colts Neck) 1:53; James Lynch (Toms River East) p. Bashaar Ismail (Shore) 3:47; Robert Canterino (CBA) p. Anthony Aguanno (Pinelands) :22.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Hudson Skove (Rumson-Fair Haven) vs. 8. Nicholas Benjamino (Freehold Township); 5. Cosmo Zacarro (Central) vs. 4. Lucas Ainbinder (Middletown North); 3. Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty) vs. 6. Michael Foley (St. John Vianney); 7. James Lynch (Toms River East) vs. 2. Rob Canterino (CBA).

HWT: Kei'Sun Sanders (Wall) p. Yazzir Johnson (Asbury Park) 1:51; Brody Sager (Lacey) d. Luis Valente (Jackson Liberty) 3-2; Thomas Richards (Howell) p. Ryan Buchanan (St. John Vianney) 3:01; Thomas Whyte (Middletown South) p. Matt Smith (Rumson-Fair Haven) :26; Donovan Wilkinson (Toms River South) tf. Marvin Hill (Ocean) 4:07 (15-0); Mark Godsil (Long Branch) d. Sam Rock (Donovan Catholic) 8-2; Michael Justo-Batista (Manchester) d. Jordan Lizardi (Brick Memorial) 3-2; Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial) p. Michael Menture (Keansburg) 1:07.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUPS: 1. Kei'Sun Sanders (Wall) vs. 9. Brody Sager (Lacey); 5. Thomas Richards (Howell) vs. 4. Thomas Whyte (Middletown South); 3. Donovan Wilkinson (Toms River South) vs. 11. Mark Godsil (Long Branch); 7. Michael Justo-Batista (Manchester) vs. 2. Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial).

This article originally appeared on Asbury Park Press: Shore NJ Wrestling: SCT Results