Sexual Violence Is a Pandemic, Tarana Burke

“Me too.” is only a tiny part of a larger movement that’s been happening for decades— that’s why Tarana Burke is making sure to uplift and support the work of other activists.

Video Transcript

TARANA BURKE: I refuse to let the #MeToo movement or Tarana Burke take up all the air in the room. And I refuse to let people try to all of a sudden do what they do is, you have during your-- this is your 15 minutes of fame, give us all the answers now. Look, Tarana Burke is the sexual violence person. She's going to tell us all about it. I don't have all the answers.

I'm one person that had one idea. And I think it's a great idea, and I think it will help millions of people. But I guarantee you that I can go out in the street and I can find you another Tarana Burke with another brilliant idea. And she doesn't have money, and she doesn't have resources, and she won't ever be in "Time" magazine because we will ignore her.

And so part of my work in this moment is to make sure the people out there who are trying desperately to save their communities, trying desperately to bring a new reality into the lives of people whose lives have been shattered, that they don't get lost because all we can talk about is #MeToo. #MeToo is a tiny part of a large movement that's been happening for decades. What good does it do for me to make sure that my work isn't erased to only erase other people? That's not-- what's the point of that? Then that means I'm out here alone, and this work can't be done alone.