Seven Reasons Why You Should Know about The Web Secret and Sevo Token, the Future of Blockchain

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2020 / Watson Ÿwän Delice is a Haitian who was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the U.S. when he was 11. He struggled growing up in the U.S. without his mom and abandoned by his father, but everything changed for the better when he was first introduced to a computer.

Flash forward to today: Ÿwän is an entrepreneur who runs a marketing agency in Florida and started the platform The Web Secret, through which he teaches dropshipping, social media marketing, email marketing, reputation management, Instagram, modern entrepreneurship, and Google tools in Creole. By doing this, he is the first person ever to teach Haitians the tools they need to thrive in the modern world. Here are seven things to know about The Web Secret:

First: In December 2018, The Web Secret platform started to be developed by Ÿwän Delice. Besides being an educational platform, The Web Secret is also a blockchain-based project that solves the problems of the digital economy and business strategy.

"‘The Web Secret platform' will be all in a crypto-based platform geared towards maximizing members' value by providing paid internet marketing courses that will improve the standard of living of its users." Ÿwän emphasizes.

Second: The users or students using the platform can pay for courses with their tokens called "Sevo Token", which serve as utility token for payment on their platforms. This is all dependent on blockchain, which is a system under which information is stored across multiple computers so that the information is decentralized and distributed and be used by anyone who accesses the system and helps run it.

"It's essentially an ever-growing list of transactions (listed in blocks) that are verified, permanently recorded and linked in chronological order." Ÿwän shares.

Third: Blockchain will change the world in various areas--banking and payments, cybersecurity, internet of things, unified communications, government, crowdfunding and donating to charities, healthcare, rentals and ride-sharing.

But, as Ÿwän Delice creator of The Web Secret and Sevo Token says, "There are still certain challenges that blockchains have not yet overcome. [... such as] blockchain networks [being] considerably slow when it comes to transactions per second. [...] Interoperability [...] most of these blockchains work in silos and do not communicate with the other peer-to-peer networks."

Along with limited developer supply, the fact that there is no universal standard of blockchain and instead there is a variety of networks existing today, the fact that in order to validate transactions made through blockchain there has to be proof-of-work (PoW) which are some protocols that need to be solved and drain a lot of computing power, and finally, the lack of regulation of blockchain use.

Fourth: The Sevo Token (SET) will serve as a utility token for all payments on The Web Secret and their partners' platforms. Through this, Ÿwän Delice is starting to solve all the problems with blockchain that are still unaddressed.

"‘The Web Secret' (Masiv Sikse) system is a unique blockchain integrated platform offering educational and internet marketing ideas to the public. Our programs are for determined people who are looking to learn proven techniques, strategies, methods and marketing formulas to make a masterpiece out of the internet." Ÿwän states.

Fifth: With Sevo Token, The Web Secret marketing institute and digital education system provides ease of transaction to the client, while enriching the learner's life. In 2019, less than six months since the launch of The Web Secret, over 1,000 students worldwide were taking Ÿwän Delice's classes through the platform. The SET was launched in March 2020.

Sixth: The Web Secret has multiple strong partnerships, and will continue to partner with various internet marketers and firms to promote their token and offer them to use the Sevo Token as a means of payment on their platforms.

To market the Sevo Token and promote The Web Secret, Ÿwän Delice will conduct airdrop and bounty campaigns on crypto fora and list the SET on top volume exchanges.

Seven: The Web Secret not only offers value for money but will also help improve the lives of its users and students through the use of the Sevo Token.

Through the development of not only an educational platform for people interested in online marketing, but also creating a tool to ease the issues of blockchain, Ÿwän Delice is revolutionizing the way we do business. To learn more, go here.


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