Man, I Truly Feel Sorry For These 21 People Who Had A Really, Really, Really Really Bad Week

Sometimes things just don't go your way. Take for example...

1. The person who might just want to wear a seat belt next time:

2. The person who will be enjoying some fine tunes with the people of two countries:

3. The person who was bested by a little tiny ball:

4. The person who found two different toothbrushes in a very intimate moment:

5.The person who is quite literally living a nightmare:

a freshman saying he can't find his class and discovering he's at the wrong school

6. The person who is pioneering the art of extremely slow cooking:

7. The person who just got this year's hottest haircut:

8. The person whose child created these extremely cursed noodles:

9. The person whose bad first date story is probably worse than yours:

10. The person who got absolutely jacked up on Tylenol:

11. The person who gave their boy a heapin' helpin' of beef broth:

12. The person who experienced Cabinet-mageddon:

13. The person whose giant purple ball themed wedding will be magnificent:

14. The person whose roommate was kind enough to give them a nice, coarse surface for their soap:

15. The person who got a free metal handle and is somehow upset about it:

16. The person whose nutcracker became the very thing they hated:

17. The person whose pressure cooker might have a couple issues with it:

18. The person who vampire boyfriend is going be rightfully devastated when they see what became of their blood storage:

19. The person whose Diet Coke became a Diet Can't:

20. The person whose kid created this dark-sided mac 'n' cheese:

21. The person whose friend did the one thing a friend should never do — jump on their trombone:

Hate to see it.