Serial Entrepreneur from Rural Alberta Announces Candidacy for Member of Parliament of Canada

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BRETON, Alberta, Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jason Lavigne has announced that he is an independent candidate to represent the federal electoral district of Yellowhead Alberta in the House of Commons of Canada in the 45th Canadian federal election.

Lavigne (45) is a Canadian technology entrepreneur and award-winning innovator who said he would bring a much-needed perspective to the House of Commons.

Lavigne proposes rolling back government overreach with the immediate return to Sections 91 and 92, the implementation of a permanent independent oversight committee in the House of Commons, and is calling for eliminating all Party Whips, declaring the tradition “barbaric”.

Lavigne is calling on the end of government overreach by immediately returning to and adhering strictly to Sections 91 and 92 of the Canadian Constitution Acts. “Issues such as healthcare, property, and resources rights do not belong with the federal government,” says Lavigne. By bringing a strong bias towards returning power back to people, where appropriate, and Lavigne insists “if the people and government need to expand powers, it must be granted by modifying the constitution, not by ignoring it.”

Calling on each province and territory to send at least one independent in the next election to form an independent oversight committee with Member of Parliament powers, Lavigne is also calling on the House to amend the rules of the House by permanently building in two elected independent oversight Members of Parliament seats per province and territory, with all the powers and privileges of a Member of Parliament including full audit and oversight abilities. “Independents are the referees of the House, if no one is really watching the players, then how can Canadians be assured that the play is fair?”

Lavigne, who calls himself a modern candidate says, “in the traditional party system, the whip is where democracy dies”, explaining that “the will of the people is actually whipped out of the MP, we saw this in action with Liberal MP Joël Lightbound who came out bravely against his own leader, only to vote in favour of the action that he so passionately protested against.” Calling the practice “an old, outdated, and barbaric tool still being used today”, Lavigne is calling on all parties to voluntarily eliminate this role to ensure that the voters will, not the party’s, is heard.

Details of his qualifications, as well as a sign-up form for his emailing list, can be found on his campaign website at


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