See the world at 100,000 feet

Space Perspective is giving civilians a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world from space. The capsule and spaceballoon begins at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where 8 individuals will begin their journey to space on reclining plush seats reaching 100,000 feet. 360-degree panoramic window provides a view like no other. Learn more at

Transcript: Experience space. Space Perspective allows people to reach the edge of the atmosphere. Allowing civilian “astronauts” to see what the world looks like from space. The 6 hour voyage consists of a capsule and a spaceballoon, a 360-degree panoramic window provides uncomparable views at 100,000 feet. 8 passengers experience the view on reclining plush seats. A refreshment bar, lavatory, and wi-fi is included in the capsule. The voyage launches from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and splash lands in water where a ship will take riders ashore. Space Perspective plans to set voyage in 2024 and is currently sold out. 2025 seats are available for $125,000. Learn more at

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