Secret Whiteboard Launches, Functional Decor Combines Style and Productivity, Transforming any Home or Office Space

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Secret Whiteboard helps make the transition between work and the comfort of being at home easier, by hiding a magnetic whiteboard inside a stylish, customizable art frame that can match any space.

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Being productive and getting work done is important, but having a positive work-life balance is even more important. With the lines between work and home life more blurred than ever, Secret Whiteboard is designed with aesthetics and multifunction in mind. Launching on Kickstarter today, Sable Flow's Secret Whiteboard is a hanging print frame that opens like a book to reveal a magnetic whiteboard, taking a home or office workspace to the next level.

Working at the kitchen table in his tiny Austin apartment, Secret Whiteboard founder Tomer Soran wanted a way to organize his business thoughts without it dominating his living space. Given an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of hosting friends and family, Tomer developed Secret Whiteboard as a place to brainstorm and make goals while also decorating his home.

With its recessed interior space, Secret Whiteboard conveniently stores dry erase markers, erasers, and magnets to eliminate clutter in the workspace. When someone is done working for the day, they can simply close the Secret Whiteboard by flipping the frame shut. The magnetic closure ensures everything stays in place when it's not in use. The Secret Whiteboard is an effective tool that helps inspire creativity while also allowing people to separate work and home life. It comes in black or white and three sizes: small, medium and large to fit any size home or office space.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people did not have a work-from-home setup. With the exponential rise in people working from home, the blend of work and living space has forced people to reconsider the function and design of their homes.

4 out of 5 individuals claim they have trouble "turning off work" at the end of the day. Secret Whiteboard provides a tool that fosters productivity and organization while helping people "turn off work" at the end of the day. It transforms from a functional whiteboard into typical wall decor that provides versatility and convenient storage space to help minimize clutter.

"It's our vision to break down the barriers in people's lives that prevent them from finding joy and flow in their work by creating an aesthetic environment," said Tomer Soran. "We want to help create a better work-from-home experience for people and give them a way to transition between a work state of mind and being relaxed at home with a tangible shift in environment."

The multipurpose Secret Whiteboard can be used for organizing work, brainstorming ideas, taking notes, teaching children at home, or hosting a game night with friends. To transform any space, visit to pre-order and learn more.

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Sable Flow's mission is to bring joy to people who seek a work/life balance by providing a truly easy way to have a multifunctional space. It encompasses the ethos of a multifunction aesthetic and finding a flow state in both work and home.

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