Hannity Gets Blunt Lesson About Time Following 'Biden's Disastrous First Week' Claim

Lee Moran
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Sean Hannity’s (premature) review of President Joe Biden’s first week is in.

And it’s a doozy — although unsurprising, given the Fox News host’s servile stumping for former President Donald Trump.

On Thursday night, a caption on Hannity’s show declared Biden’s first week as president “disastrous.” But the review came before Biden had even completed his first full day as president.

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Biden officially took over from Trump at midday Wednesday.

He immediately set about reversing some of his predecessor’s policies, signing a slew of executive orders aimed at combating the coronavirus pandemic, slowing climate change and stopping construction on Trump’s signature U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Twitter users took Hannity to task for jumping the gun:


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