Screen Time with comedian David Perdue

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For more than 10 years, comedian David Perdue — believe us, he’s heard all the jokes — has become one of the city’s busiest comics and biggest advocates for the scene.

We asked the Morehouse Man, who’s currently working on a two-man stage play with poet Adán Bean, what information dominates his day.

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🌅 First tap of the day: Twitter. Roy Wood Jr. usually lets me know what the topic of the day is going to be about. I follow Greg Bluestein for politics, especially during the election.

  • I follow a bunch of comedians. It’s like my version of The Daily Show. My greatest goal in life is being awake when Josh Gondelman does a pep talk. It’s what I wake up every day for and never get. I like Marcella Arguello. She's so funny in the most direct way.

📱 Throughout the day: It’s a lot of Twitter links. I follow AJC to know what’s going on locally. NPR. Butter.atl. And I follow Axios.

📺 Currently streaming: "True Story" with Kevin Hart. I was watching it in the hair salon getting my hair dried. Spoiler alert: I saw Kevin Hart murder someone. That’s all I know. I watched "Hawkeye" on Disney+.

  • On HBO Max, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Insecure." I’m in a text thread with people about "Insecure," and it’s important to our friendship. I’m into comic books and HBO Max, and I watched "Young Justice."

🎶 Playlist: I’ll come clean. I realize I’m old. I didn’t give up music, but I don’t need any new music. I feel like all my favorite artists are too old to be still making any music. And then with anyone under 25 I’m like, what are you doing being talented? I imagine where I was at 23. Cordae and Deante’ Hitchcock. I feel like he’s over 25, so I don’t hate him that much. Adele. I’m an Adele stan.

🎧 Podcast queue: "WTF with Marc Maron" and "85 South." Every podcast I subscribed to during the pandemic, they just stopped. It was so unfortunate. I committed, guys, why didn’t you? I’m their only listener. I’m like "Give me more." They say, "We’re going outside now."

📖 Reading list/bedside table: I like to reread a book called "Disciplines of the Spirit" and "Search for Common Ground" by Howard Thurman, a mystic preacher from the '50s. A good friend of mine wrote a book, I bought it on Audible. I'm two chapters in, and that was four months ago. I’m not a good person, man. I’ve avoided conversation about his book. “I heard it's doing good.”

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