Scratchpad: Kites on the peninsula

·1 min read

Aug. 10—According to a map of the Washington State International Kite Festival, Northwest winds are expected to blow through a sandy stretch of "buried kite anchors," where enthusiastic kite flyers will soon set up an annual display of colorful and unique kites along the shores of the Long Beach Peninsula.

One image from a previous kite festival shows a trio of airborne gray whales flying over the shore. Beachgoers can be seen walking near the kites for a sense of scale. Continuing south, the map shows a series of camp display areas, programming tents and a stretch of beach reserved for kite buggies.

Farther south, about two blocks from the event, sits the World Kite Museum. For most of the year, the museum, located along Ocean Boulevard near the Long Beach Boardwalk, is a curious stop on a pleasant drive. Visitors to the museum have the opportunity to see traditional kites from China and Japan, as well as many gathered from across the Northwest.

But during one week each August, the museum has a chance to showcase its subject in the skies over Long Beach, inviting thousands to participate in kite flying activities and workshops. For both experienced flyers and oceanfront spectators, it's a sight to behold.