New school vandalized as part of TikTok challenge

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Sep. 18—At least 10 students have been identified in connection with vandalism of three restrooms at the new 8th & 9th Grade Academy at Alice Robertson.

Muskogee Public Schools Communications and Marketing Director Steve Braun said one mirror was ripped off a wall and soap dispensers were pulled down from walls.

According to a note to parents posted Thursday on social media, Academy Principal Ryan Buell said the incidents occurred Monday.

"Our beautiful, brand new facility was vandalized," Buell said. "This behavior will not be tolerated. As a community, we have worked too hard to build a state of the art facility to have it senselessly damaged."

The new facility opened Aug. 24 on the site of the former Alice Robertson Junior High School.

Buell linked the incident to a the recent Devious Licks challenge which have gone viral on TikTok. He said the challenge involves students vandalizing or stealing school property. Such acts are called "hitting a lick," he said.

A TikTok search for "Devious Licks" or "Hitting a lick" reveals no results. A TikTok post says "This phrase may be associated with behavior or content that violates our guidelines. Promoting a safe and positive experience is TikTok's top priority. For more information, we invite you to review our Community Guidelines."

Braun said a student had reported the damage to the restrooms.

"At this time, 10 students have been identified, but as the investigation continues we may become aware of others involved," Braun said. "Student discipline will follow the extent as allowed by Section 10 of school board policy."

Under Section 10, vandalism and theft can result in out-of-school suspension or in-school placement options.

In his letter, Buell said hall passes have been restricted on an interim basis.

"While several students have already received strict punishment, we will continue to investigate and discipline as necessary in an effort to keep students safe and keep Alice Robertson beautiful," he said.

Buell advises parents to monitor their children's social media accounts.

"Please take time to see what and who your child is following on social media," Buell's note says.

Braun said students have stepped up to help since the incident.

Students have given letters to our custodial staff thanking them for the work that they do and have even provided gifts to some of those employees who have dealt with cleaning up after this unfortunate incident," Braun said.

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