School janitor finds inspiration in first graders’ classroom: ‘This is solid life advice’

This school janitor finds all the inspiration he needs to navigate adult life in a first-grade classroom.

TikToker Jimmy Cash is a comedian and custodian. When he’s feeling down, he says all he has to do is look at some of the motivational signs in the classrooms he cleans. Cash highlighted how some of these posters make him feel in a hilarious video.

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The comedian pointed to some of the cornier signs throughout the classroom, such as “I will never give up” and one that simply repeated the phrase “no bad days” seven times.

But some of the student-made signage really inspired the comedian.

“If I am going to erupt, I will breathe out my words,” a poster with a volcano drawn on it read.

“I haven’t really figured it out yet. It’s a volcano. I think it has something to do with breathwork, I don’t know,” he joked.

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Another inspirational quote he enjoyed was “do what you need to be okay,” which he said was “teacher code” for a mental health day. The ones that left him pondering, however, had the phrases “I move my body in ways that feel good” and “you don’t want to look back and know you could’ve done better!”

“I’m telling you these positive signs have lifted me on some of my worst days,” Cash said.

“This is solid life advice. Those kids are in good care,” a user commented.

“This is the 1st grade version of Live Laugh Love,” another wrote.

“As a teacher, this hits hard,” someone joked.

“My custodian takes it a step further by rearranging my positive vibes into something less uplifting. The kids love it so he keeps doing it,” a person commented.

“In the middle of decorating my hs classroom and now I’m questioning everything,” a TikToker replied.

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