SCCE launches new Sports, Compliance, and Ethics Conference in 2023

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Registration is now open for the Sports, Compliance, and Ethics Conference, a new educational offering from Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics® (SCCE®). The agenda for the January 19, 2023 virtual event can be found by visiting the conference page on the SCCE web site.

(PRNewsfoto/Society of Corporate Compliance)
(PRNewsfoto/Society of Corporate Compliance)

SCCE & HCCA Chief Engagement Officer Adam Turteltaub says this event will take a fresh look at compliance through the lens of sports and gaming and will provide takeaways for compliance professionals across all industries. "Sports faces many challenges for maintaining the integrity of the game or race. This conference will provide an opportunity for those within sports to learn from each other and for those outside of it to learn from some of the vexing issues sports faces."

Session speakers include representatives from the National Football League, British Horseracing Authority, UCLA, USC, The University of Texas, National Association of Sports Officials, and more.

Session topics:

  • ESG and sports

  • Online sports betting

  • Preserving the integrity of officials

  • Amateur sports

  • Horse racing

  • Key lessons for Corporate Compliance

General compliance officers, internal auditors, individuals in lead roles in sports, and those who work in gaming, college and professional sporting leagues, and the NCAA are encouraged to attend. Experienced practitioners will guide attendees through the unique challenges that impact the world of sports and provide takeaways that can be applied to a wide variety of compliance programs and roles. SCCE's robust virtual platform will allow participants to interact with other attendees via chat and pose questions to the speakers in real time.

To learn more about the Sports, Compliance, and Ethics conference, visit

About SCCE

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics® (SCCE) is a nonprofit, member-based association for compliance and ethics professionals. Since 2004, SCCE has been championing ethical practices and compliance standards to promote the lasting success and integrity of organizations worldwide, across all industries. SCCE offers 45+ educational conferences a year, weekly webinars, publications, training resources, certification opportunities, and networking for career growth and program development.

In 2011, SCCE incorporated with Health Care Compliance Association to form Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & Health Care Compliance Association (SCCE & HCCA). Headquartered in Minneapolis, SCCE & HCCA is a leader in furthering the interests of the compliance and ethics profession with a combined 19,000+ members in 100 countries.

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