Scary movies are a thing of the past — behold, scary TikTok

TikTok isn’t all dance crazes and prank videos. It’s also a massive hub for some of the scariest stories on the internet. We broke down some of the most popular trends within the genre. Scary storytime. TikToker kaylamalecc recalled a time her friend noticed a ghostly figure walking past her window while she wasn’t home. Classic scary stories with a twist. TikTokers are circulating their own urban legends. The ParaBros, for example, reenact viral stories from other users. TikTok user Austin Patton simply retells urban legends and creepypastsa with a few added visuals. Spooky events caught on camera. Videos like the one of a creepy intruder who appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the background of a dance video shared by maryyylizzz9 are an entirely different level of eerie. ‘Hey guys, I think my house might be haunted’. In a video from ariannaskye14, for instance, she showed off a bizarre series of hidden rooms in her house and explained that sometimes the door opens on its own, even when it’s locked. (Don’t) try this at home. Brave souls try the spookiest trends and report back. Seraseling stayed at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass., which she claimed was the most haunted hotel in the United States