Same-team brawl pits Wolverine vs. a former Michigan State player

Some rivalries never die, even if you’re on the same team.

Such appears to be the case for one former Michigan basketball player, as Jordan Poole found himself in a fight with one of his own teammates.

Poole has been an incredibly productive member of the Golden State Warriors, quickly becoming a star in the NBA. On Wednesday, another NBA star, former Michigan State Spartan Draymond Green, got into some kind of fight, with Green hitting Poole, and thus being subject to NBA disciplinary action.

From The Athletic:

There was a physical altercation at the Warriors’ practice Wednesday morning that has the team seriously considering disciplinary action toward Draymond Green, sources with knowledge of the incident told The Athletic.

When a heated interaction with guard Jordan Poole escalated, Green forcefully struck Poole and needed to be separated swiftly, sources said. Green and Poole came chest-to-chest, with both players pushing and shoving each other prior to Green’s escalation of the physical altercation, those sources said.

No surprise here, on any account. While Poole certainly has no love for Michigan State, the Spartans have been known to harbor a little more hatred for their in-state rival.

Still, it is unusual to see two teammates fight to such a level.


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Story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire