Samantha Bee slams transphobic bills, telling Republicans to 'mind their own f***ing business'

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Samantha Bee slammed Republican legislators and their transphobic sports bills Wednesday on Full Frontal. More than 30 states have introduced bills to ban transgender students from playing against cisgender athletes. Cisgender is someone who identifies with their assigned gender at birth.

“Conservatives are staging a coordinated attack on trans kids by making up a problem that absolutely doesn't exist,” Bee said. “They falsely claim trans women automatically have more testosterone and therefore more muscle mass than cis women. But studies don't show a consistent relationship between testosterone and athletic performance.”

Senators Ted Cruz (TX) and Mike Lee (UT) spearheaded a federal trans athlete bill at a federal level. Bee contends that the bills are simply just a ploy to get more votes.

“Just like with the bathroom bills, Republicans are trying to scare their base to vote,” Bee said, “At the end of the day, Republicans need to stop policing other people's bodies, mind their own f***ing business and let trans people live their lives.”

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