Salmela Rolls Out Its Robust Methodology for Enhancing the Talent Acquisition Process

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Duluth, Minnesota--(Newsfile Corp. - August 16, 2022) -  Salmela, a recruiting and career path advisory company founded in 2005 by Cory Salmela, announces the launch of its robust methodology for improving the recruitment process. The aim behind their effective procedural approach is to enable companies to hire their dream team and offer career guidance services to individuals. Their client-driven model distinguishes them from other brands in the recruitment space, as they are intentional about taking proper care of their clients and their clients' potential candidates at every engagement stage of the hiring cycle. Amid the great resignation, it's paramount for companies to take a more in-depth approach to building resilient teams.

This recruitment firm employs the use of a multi step model to enable ease and precision in the hiring process to combat the widespread recruitment crisis. They commence the process with having high level conversations with the company's leader about their ongoing projects and recruiting needs; then they perform an elaborate assessment of the suitable recruitment time frame, job specifications, required skill set, the right strategy to engage the potential employees, recruitment questions and other relevant details. Next, they involve the recruitment team to start engaging with suitable candidates.

In this phase, they use multiple strategies and channels to acquire the right talent. Some of the data from their inner circle referral network, internal referrals from the clients staff, as well as organic research and direct engagement to target candidates through their robust research. Multiple campaigns on the job vacancies are run across various channels like linkedin, text, emails and other channels. They use up to 12 engagement attempts to reach out to priority candidates ensuring that they get a "yes or no". This gives clients certainty that all top candidates are aware of the open job position.

Also, they provide premium customer experience with the use of emotional intelligence to cater to their clientele base and the candidates they interact with. Right from the start of the process, they provide timely, detailed and constructive feedback to the client and candidate. "For instance, candidate feedback helps us adjust the open position to make it more attractive to the talent pool. Without those candidate conversations our clients don't have the insight to compete in the talent market. We help them make the tweaks they need to get a positive hire" Cory Salmela, founder of Salmela stated.

They offer four major products, executive search which is their core business; fast track for urgent hiring needs, career advisory for strategic career planning and a strategic talent assessment with their 360 evaluation model. Also they provide recruitment and career growth advisory services.

Commenting on their services, Cory Salmela, said, "We know about a client, who spent a significant amount on advertising and didn't get one candidate. We are curbing issues like this with our advanced technology tools that help brands hire with certainty the right candidate and employ the use of our robust methodology that finds all the people that can potentially do the job."

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