Russia has launched more than 3,000 cruise missiles over Ukraine Zelenskyy


Since the start of the full-scale war on 24 February 2022, Russia has launched more than 3,000 cruise missiles against Ukraine.

Source: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in social networks

Quote: "Russia has already used more than three thousand cruise missiles against Ukraine. It is impossible to count the number of artillery and other projectiles that have been used against our country and our people.

But it is definitely possible to bring all Russian war criminals to justice. Each of the collaborators. All those responsible for the terror. For everything that has been happening for 145 days and more than eight years. It will be done."


Updated: As noted by the Air Force command, the occupiers are using the entire arsenal of available weapons against Ukraine. Ukrainian land has actually become a testing ground for modern Russian missiles, as well as outdated ones that were developed and manufactured back in the times of the USSR.

These are cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles, tactical ballistic missile systems (Tochka U, Iskander), as well as Onyx missiles of the Bastion coastal system.

The Russian occupying forces are increasingly using old Soviet missiles, such as the Kh-59, Kh-22, Kh-31 and others, on the positions of the Ukrainian army and civilian objects.

And the Russian army has begun to hit ground targets in recent weeks with anti-aircraft missiles from the S-300 system, the main purpose of which is to destroy air targets.

Quote: "It is worth noting that this system can work against both air, ground and surface targets. However, the damage to objects will not be as destructive as when working with typical firepower on the ground.

The warhead of anti-aircraft missiles is designed to hit non-armoured targets (aircraft fuselages) with thousands of striking elements.

The Russian forces' use of heavy anti-aircraft missiles to hit ground targets is explained by the fact that the occupiers are still saving the modern technological weapons. And they probably have an excess of anti-aircraft guided missiles for the S-300 air defence system, which is why these are used in the front-line zones; currently we are talking about the Mykolaiv and Kharkiv operational zones."