'Round 2' - Trailcam Captures California Bears Grappling

A trailcam caught two bears engaging in “two rounds” of a muddy wrestling match in South Lake Tahoe, California, with the adorable grapple shared to Instagram on September 6.

Footage of the pair was posted by local nature enthusiast Toogee Sielsch, with the duo seen wrestling each other before one exits off camera.

The footage then shows what appears to be the same pair of bears taking each other on less than ten minutes later.

Sieslch gave the video a WWE-style introduction, writing that this was a “middleweight division match” in the “South Tahoe Black Bear Wrestling Federation”.

A keen observer of bears in the region, Sieslch added that the pair were “two sibling yearlings” who were “doing the same thing they’ve been doing since they first opened their eyes in the birthing den 18 months ago.” Credit: Toogee Sielsch via Storyful

Video Transcript