Root Sciences Cannabis Extraction Innovation Is Becoming a Global Presence

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With increasing cannabis legalization around the world, the focus on the wide range of extraction processes available has drawn many new companies into the mix. And those cannabis companies willing to invest in extraction equipment are poised to make a big play in the market. With a multitude of extraction processes converting raw cannabis into a usable form, from THC to CBD, Root Sciences has built unique end-to-end equipment solutions for its customers.

Root Sciences’ solutions include both hydrocarbon and cold ethanol extraction, wiped-film short path distillation, and post-processing equipment (e.g. high pressure homogenizers, crystallizers) and it has set itself apart as a company that does much more than sell equipment. It has also taken advantage of key strategic partnerships to innovate in the cannabis technology space, including VTA, DEVEX, GEA, and ExtractionTek Stainless.

Root Sciences offers its customers a variety of products and services, from lab/facility design consulting to equipment designed for a range of small-scale labs up to large-scale extraction processing. Clients favor different extraction methods, based on their end product and throughput needs, from craft to commercial to industrial scale processors. The company’s growth has been attributed to its ability to provide tailored end-to-end processing solutions to clients, including extraction, solvent recovery, distillation, THC remediation, and nanoemulsification systems. Root Sciences provides technologies and extraction methods such as:
Hydrocarbon Extraction

Root Sciences’ hydrocarbon extraction options are sought out by companies creating extracts like resin, badder, diamonds, and sauce. Hydrocarbon extraction provides a terpene-rich extract, yielding products that are commonly vaporized or dabbed. For craft producers, hydrocarbon extraction can also be an economical choice for entry into the market, still leaving room for future expansion.
Ethanol Extraction

Cannabis producers aiming to manufacture hemp or cannabis crude oil for large-scale distillation, edibles, vape cartridges, wholesale, and pharmaceutical applications seek out Root Sciences for cold ethanol extraction solutions. Due to its scalability, cold ethanol extraction is highly effective in meeting the demands of mass production. Ethanol extraction is also the most common method of extraction for existing pharmaceutical and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) applications.

Following extraction, Root Sciences’ wiped-film short path distillation systems refine cannabis and hemp concentrate into a top-grade distillate, which can be used in various edible products, vape cartridges, and tinctures. By using molecular separation, Root Sciences’ distillation technology separates the THC from terpenes, lipids, impurities and solvents, leaving an odorless and clear golden distillate that has a much higher potency.

Root Sciences, based in Washington state, has approximately 400 cannabis and hemp processing systems in operation around the globe. Their current focus is on increasing their presence in the U.S., emerging South American markets, and Europe, as well as expanding their end-to-end equipment solutions and professional consulting services to meet any client processor’s needs or volume requirements.

“We are completely focused on the cannabis industry and have been servicing cannabis operators in the Americas and around the world for quite a few years, working closely with our manufacturing partners,” Forrest Didier, CEO of Root Sciences said.

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