Rod Stewart makes same embarrassing live 'Loose Women' mistake as 'new best mate' Robbie Williams


Showbiz pals Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams have made exactly the same embarrassing mistake on live TV just a week apart, trying to join their wives on the Loose Women panel before the show was ready to welcome them.

Stewart was the star guest on the ITV chat show today, where he was due to join his wife Penny Lancaster who was one of the programme’s panellists, but wandered onto set before his cue as a crew member rushed over with an extra chair for him.

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As the show’s stars and audience laughed at his mistake, an embarrassed Stewart asked whether they could re-record the section - but was told by Lancaster that the show was live.

The singer retreated backstage to wait for his turn to be invited on, making exactly the same mistake as Williams who was booked to join his wife Ayda Field on the panel last week.

He had been supposed to stand at one of the studio entrances while the show opened, trailing him as a guest, but after some confusion over his cue wandered up on stage as the panel laughed and told him he was too early.

Like Stewart, he refused an invitation to join the panel for the full show, and went back behind the scenes until it was time for his interview.

When Stewart did return, he talked about his friendship with Williams and collaborating on each other’s albums.

He said: “Right now, me and my dear old mate Robbie Williams, we’re fighting it out together (in the album charts) - he’s one and I’m two.

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I sang on his album, a Christmas song, and he sang on mine. He’s my new best mate. He really is the sweetest guy, he’s been emailing me saying, ‘what a pleasure it is to share the charts with you, I look up to you, I hope my career can last half as long as yours.’”