RockGodNFT is Determined to Create Long-Term Value for its Community

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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2022 / RockGodNFT is defying the status quo by developing an NFT project and collection that is focused on the long game, rather than fast, immediate wins. Focusing on building an organic community, the project is highly selective when it comes to marketing initiatives, patterning with real-world supporters to make their web3 ideals into a reality. Their project is a collection of 9,999 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain created by globally recognized artists.

"So many people in the NFT space are looking for quick flips and forgetting to focus on long-term value," says RockGodNFT team member, Joel Day. "We are truly defining ourselves as resistance to this over saturated trend and are focusing on building value and a compelling community that will give purpose and meaning to our project, and a commitment on behalf of our holders."

The NFTs featured in RockGodNFT's initial launch are one-of-a-kind, algorithmically generated avatars that vary in rareness and features. Looking to extend value into the future, RockGodNFT is expanding their universe, developing side projects and collaborations that are drawing members into their community. First, they will be launching a comic series based on the characters in their initial NFT drop. Then, partnering with their collaborator Aijia, they will be holding events in the metaverse and real world for community members to attend.

"As a RockGodNFT holder, you are also an Aijia ticket holder, welcoming you to a community that grants access to dozens of members-only events, new artwork, and merchandise." Plus, Aijia in partnership with RockGodNFT will offer pre-event ticket sales, in-event special offers and codes, as well as access to post-event highlights like virtual galleries and collectable merchandise.

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