Roasted Bliss planning to open second location in former Daube's Bakery

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Aug. 17—ROCHESTER — Civic Center Drive will soon see another coffee shop. The owners of Roasted Bliss Coffee Shop and Bakery are planning to open a second location in the former Daube's Bakery next to Bicycle Sports and across the road from Barlow Plaza.

The building has been vacant since June 2020 when Daube's shut down its locations due to the pandemic. The owners of Taco Lab food truck have been using the parking lot as a place to serve customers for the last two summers.

Roasted Bliss has also been operating their own food truck in the parking lot of their new location since Aug. 6.

"We really wanted to do things like a candy store and expand our gluten-free bakery, and we realize that we don't have a ton of seating in our current location," said Ali Johnson, co-owner of Roasted Bliss. "I think there's a certain feel about having a from-scratch bakery, and a lot of them have gone out of business, due to COVID. So it's really neat to see people come in, it just brings a certain warmth to the heart to be able to have those baked goods for those who need them."

The tentative opening date for the second Roasted Bliss location is late fall/early winter of this year. Ideally Johnson and co-owner Stephanie Donovan hope for sometime in November, with plans to install a drive-thru lane. However they are realistic about construction setbacks or city approvals for permits not moving at the fastest pace possible.

Adding a drive-thru to a building and parking lot that has never had one is a challenge both Johnson and Donovan are eager to take on. Even with the drive-thru being added, Johnson said their partnership with Taco Lab to keep their food truck in the lot will continue.

"Working in a drive-thru where there wasn't one before isn't easy. We're working with the city to figure out the best layout for that. Once we've figured that out, Taco Lab will just move a little farther out within the parking lot to accommodate traffic. They're planning to stay and that's good for us, because we like to have them," said Johnson.

The second Roasted Bliss location will likely expand on an already lengthy menu. In addition to bakery products — with and without gluten — there will be caffeinated drinks, smoothies and more. Johnson and Donovan plan to add much more to cater to the greater interests of Rochester.

"We're really able to cater to the city of Rochester in the fact that we will have a candy shop, we'll have ice cream, protein donuts and a lot of healthier options because we're really close to Mayo. Then also meeting the needs of people who have a gluten intolerance, or you're diabetic," said Johnson.

Another perk of that is being planned for the second Roasted Bliss location for businesses is a meeting room that will be available for reservations.

"Once we get everything set up, they can go online, and book the meeting room. And let's say they had some clients who will have packages if they want to add on like a dozen pastries and coffee. They can bring their clients there and as long as it's available on the calendar, they can book it, pay for it and just come on in," said Johnson.

For updates on construction of Roasted Bliss second location, Johnson and Donovan recommend people to turn to their Facebook and Instagram accounts as they frequently update information on them both.