Roads, crossings reopen throughout Hamilton following train derailment

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May 27—A train derailment at Walnut Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Hamilton on Friday morning led to the closures of a number of area streets and railroad crossings, but they were all reopened in the afternoon.

Four of the train cars derailed around 8:05 a.m., dispatchers said, but no one was injured. Two automobile-hauling train cars slipped off the railroad tracks, as did two that were empty, and bunched up at the site.

No hazardous materials were involved and CSX train crews were at the scene all morning to make sure damage was minimal.

Hamilton police said there was no danger to the public.

CSX officials at the scene around 10 a.m. were awaiting large equipment to begin the process of moving the four train box cars that went off the rails. People watching in their front yards at homes nearby told the Journal-News it was an extremely loud noise and it shook their homes.

Hamilton's Department of Infrastructure also was on scene Friday.

The train was traveling at a slow speed south to north and its stoppage closed off a number of east-west streets to traffic.

High Street remained open for traffic due to its underpass of the railroad tracks, as did Grand Boulevard with its overpass.

Railroad crossings that were affected included Walnut Street, Martin Luther King Boulevard, Fourth Street, Third Street, Second Street, Front Street, Millville Avenue and Kenworth Avenue.

Officials did not say when the entire scene might be cleaned up, nor did they disclose a potential cause for the derailment.

Editor Mandy Gambrell contributed to this report.



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