Rita Wilson beat COVID-19: Now she wants you to get a flu shot (and wear a mask)

Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks recently overcame the coronavirus, and now the singer/songwriter/actress wants people to keep their guard up as flu season approaches. "I am a flu shot getter generally, but I also had COVID-19 and it was horrible and I don't want to get it again," Wilson tells Yahoo Life. In addition to strongly encouraging everyone, but particularly those at risk, to get a flu shot, Wilson also spoke to the issue of wearing masks - and how it's become a political issue. Unfortunately it's been politicized which is so unnecessary," she says. "But so many of the people that didn't wear masks and went to places ... got the flu, got the COVID-19 virus. And some of those people died." She adds, "I wouldn't want that to happen to even somebody who doesn't think they should be wearing a mask. I don't want that person to get sick either."