Rita Ora Attended Her 30th Birthday Party At A London Restaurant Despite England's Lockdown

Kristin Salaky
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Photo credit: Tim P. Whitby - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tim P. Whitby - Getty Images

From Delish

Singer Rita Ora will likely not face a fine after admitting to attending a gathering for her 30th birthday, one that, in her words, broke the rules of England's second COVID-19 lockdown.

Photos surfaced this weekend reportedly showing Rita attending a gathering of around 30 people at a venue identified as the Casa Cruz restaurant in West London, according to The Guardian. Police were called and investigated but said they "found no indication of any offence being committed at the time." However, the restaurant is being investigated by Kensington and Chelsea Council's environmental health department and could reportedly face up to a £10,000 fine.

The council clarified to The Guardian that “any potential action would be taken against the person responsible for running the premises or the licence holder. We would not take action against the person whose party it was after the event.” Basically, this would means Rita would not be on the hook for a fine, nor would any of her friends who organized the event, but the restaurant could be. Casa Cruz did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Delish.

Rita issued an apology in her Instagram story after the photos of people entering the gathering were published in The Sun:

Hello all, I attended a small gathering with some friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was a spur of the moment decision made with the misguided view that we were coming out of lockdown and this would be OK. I’m deeply sorry for breaking the rules and in turn understand that this puts people at risk. This was a serious and inexcusable error of judgment. Given the restrictions, I realise how irresponsible these actions were and I take full responsibility. I feel particularly embarrassed knowing first hand how hard people have worked to combat this terrible illness and being fully aware of the sacrifices that people and businesses have made to help keep us all safe. Even though this won’t make it right, I want to sincerely apologise.

During the second lockdown, it is against the law to meet up with more than one person who is not in your household, with some exceptions. The national lockdown ends in the country tonight.

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