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Despite the economic downturn, the organic food manufacturing market has been growing; however, this market is continually facing increasing challenges. What are the significant challenges, and how can companies resolve them? Infiniti’s industry experts identified that some of the most significant challenges for this market are the rising number of new entries and competition, changing government policies and regulations, and the upsurge of globalisation across markets. However, supply chain risks and complexities are the most plaguing challenges in the organic food manufacturing market currently. Infiniti’s risk assessment solutions enable the top organic food manufacturing market players to identify supply chain risks, and build resilient supply chains. To leverage our risk assessment solutions, reduce supply chain vulnerabilities, and mitigate potential risks, request a free proposal.

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Risk Assessment Solutions for an Organic Food Manufacturing Market Client (Graphic: Business Wire)

"Over the past decade, the organic food manufacturing market has been performing well despite the economic downturn. However, increasing globalisation, regulations, and competition are rising challenges for companies operating in the organic food manufacturing market," says an organic food manufacturing market expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, an organic food manufacturing company based in the APAC region, was facing multiple supply chain challenges. Factors like single supplier sourcing and supplier capacity constraints, were making it increasingly challenging for the client to efficiently manage risks. Additionally, due to multiple third-party logistics suppliers, and co-packing suppliers, the client struggled to coordinate and ensure timely delivery. Therefore, the organic food manufacturing market client chose to partner with Infiniti Research and leverage our expertise in offering risk assessment solutions. During the seven-week engagement, the client aimed to build resilient and agile supply chains, identify threats to supply continuity, establish a supply risk assessment mechanism, and optimize warehouse management and optimization.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s risk assessment experts developed a comprehensive three-phase approach to help the organic food manufacturing market client, which included the following:

  • A detailed evaluation of various supply risk parameters and developing a holistic risk assessment model

  • Extensive market research to identify potential suppliers, and development of a strategic sourcing road map

  • Development of a risk assessment model that factored nine unique parameters to quantify the risk

To further understand how our solutions help organic food manufacturing market clients identify, evaluate and mitigate potential market risks, speak to our research experts.

Business Outcome:

By leveraging Infiniti’s risk assessment, the organic food manufacturing market client was enabled to identify high-potential supply risks and work on appropriate risk mitigation plans. The client also reduced risk through measures such as supplier quality assurance, alternative supplier development, and sourcing from alternative regions. The organic food manufacturer further gained the ability to identify inefficient processes and opportunity areas. Additionally, the client understood the impact of factors such as volume variations, budgeting, and price drivers’ variations.

Additionally, the organic food manufacturing market client was also able to:

  • Reduce their number of suppliers to two

  • Reduce lead-time by more than 10%

  • Minimize annual spend for supply chain management by 23%

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of risk assessment solutions in the organic food manufacturing market clients, request more information.

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