Richard Lewis will now appear in one upcoming episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sam Barsanti
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Richard Lewis in 2013
Richard Lewis in 2013

Earlier this year, we heard that comedian Richard Lewis had to back out of the upcoming 11th season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm due to some health problems and recent shoulder and back surgeries. After the death of Bob Einstein (a.k.a. the show’s Marty Funkhouser) in 2019, that meant that two of the longstanding members of Larry David’s Curb crew would be absent from the new season—which, in what is hopefully not a terrible idea, will at least partially be about COVID and how Larry (the character) responded to the pandemic.

In a nice turn of events, though, Lewis revealed today that he was at least well enough to film something for one episode of the new season, tweeting a photo from the set and saying that he’s “so grateful” for the chance to come back. We don’t know much about what he filmed other than what we can infer from the photo, though J.B. Smoove did show up in the comments to say that he wished he had been working today (so Richard Lewis presumably won’t share a scene with Leon, barring some CG trickery, but that would be an odd choice for this show).

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This comes from Deadline story, which doesn’t say when season 11 of Curb will premiere, but hopefully it doesn’t take so long that we all forget about this COVID thing. (Just kidding, we’re going to be dealing with this in some way forever.)