Retail Workers, We Wanna Hear About Your Entitled Customer Horror Stories

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It's no secret that working in retail is a tough job that requires a ton of patience. From packed stores to rude customers, there's no shortage of chaos going on every day.


Well, I wanna talk about one of those things a little more in depth. Retail workers — have you ever dealt with a customer so bold and entitled, you couldn't quite believe another human being was actually speaking to you that way? If so, we wanna hear your story.

Alexis from Schitt's Creek listening intently

Perhaps a customer showed up to the store with their kid...and then left them in the aisle you were restocking so you could ~watch them~ while they browsed undisturbed.

Rosa Diaz looking disgusted

Or maybe you were ringing a customer up, and they pulled out a stack of coupons from a completely different store, adamant that you somehow apply them to their purchase.


Maybe it was super busy at the store that day, and a customer decided to cut the long line of people before them because they "had somewhere important to be."


Whatever your story is, we wanna hear about it! In the comments below or via this anonymous form, tell us about the worst, most entitled customer(s) you've ever dealt with. Your submissions just might end up in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!