Resident says loss of City Manager Steve Rosenberg is a blow to Staunton: Letter

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I was shocked and dismayed to read about Steve Rosenberg's forced resignation as city manager by the city council. Steve is an intelligent, conscientious, and experienced public servant who has led Staunton through some challenging times. The loss of his skills and knowledge is a blow to the future of our city.

Once again, Staunton taxpayers have to foot the bill for the incompetence and short-sightedness of the current city council. Having to spend large sums of money on a search for a new manager is an appallingly poor use of municipal funds, when we had a perfectly good city manager in place. And please note that this whole episode took place with no public input. It's a sorry situation when the welfare of the entire city is held hostage by the machinations of the selfish few.

I am truly sorry to see Steve go. He served us well.



This article originally appeared on Staunton News Leader: Steve Rosenberg's forced resignation shocks Staunton citizen