Republic offers environment reporting fellowships through Pulliam Trust grant

Downtown Phoenix during summer.
Downtown Phoenix during summer.

It gets hot in Phoenix.

You don't need confirmation of that from a reporter, much less a whole team of reporters working in America's hottest big city.

But if those reporters can help people understand why it's getting hotter in Phoenix, how heat is killing more people each year, what leaders are and aren't doing to address a slow-moving natural disaster — that's something you need.

Since 2017, the environment reporting team at The Arizona Republic and has reported and written stories about heat and climate change, about drought and water supplies, about wildfire and forest management, about wildlife and endangered species.

The Republic has long been committed to covering the environment, but for the past four years, has expanded its commitment with the help of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust.

Environmental reporting fellowships

A grant from the trust funds a senior environment reporter, two reporting fellows and photography. It provides the resources to travel across Arizona and the West to bring readers stories to help them understand their changing world.

Sometimes, the reporters team up for deep dives on important topics, like heat and forest management; other times, the reporters develop stories on their own, examining groundwater loss or endangered wolves.

The stories have won numerous awards, but more importantly, they have engaged readers who want to know more about some of the biggest stories of the day.

Key to the team are the two reporting fellows, early career journalists with a keen interest in reporting and writing about the environment and a desire to spend a year doing that. Most of the past fellows are employed full-time as journalists today.

Apply to become a fellow

The Republic fills the Nina Mason Pulliam Environmental Fellowships each year on a rotating schedule. The fellowships:

  • Are full-time positions expected to last one calendar year, beginning in May.

  • Require work in-person in Arizona, with the ability to travel across the state and beyond for reporting.

  • May include photography and video work in addition to reporting and writing.

  • Include time managing our @azcenvironment brand channels across social media.

The two fellows:

  • Work alongside the senior reporter and with the environment editor and The Republic's award-winning visuals team.

  • Collaborate with the team on larger projects.

  • Pursue their own stories, cultivating sources and developing the level of expertise that lets them break stories on the beat.

  • Gain national exposure through the USA TODAY Network.

The application period for the next fellowship now open. You can find the job description and a link to submit an application here.

This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Arizona Republic offers environment reporting positions