Report: Southern Baptist Convention perpetuated abuse for decades

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Good morning, friends, this is Tennessean storytelling columnist Brad Schmitt.

The Southern Baptist Convention — a Nashville-based denomination with 13.6 million members — appears to be in the throws of sex scandal that rivals the Catholic church scandal highlighted in 2015 movie "Spotlight."

An independent agency released a report yesterday charging the SBC with ignoring reports of sexual abuse and dismissing recommendations for change.

The report also says a former SBC president Johnny Hunt, right after his term ended in 2010, pulled down a woman's shorts, made sexual comments to her and then pinned her to a couch before groping her and violently kissing her. Hunt told investigators he had no physical contact with the woman.

After the report’s release, Hunt issued a statement denying the allegations.

Our excellent religion reporter, Liam Adams, details the explosive SBC report here.

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