Do you have a report to make about KCK police? Here’s who you can call

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Former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective Roger Golubski has been accused of using his badge to exploit vulnerable Black women for sexual favors and coerce some of them into fabricating testimony.

News broke this month that a criminal grand jury investigation into Golubski — who left the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department in 2010 — is ongoing. But activists have been calling for a wider investigation into the force more generally.

There are several ways for community members to make complaints against the department, which acknowledged it has been cooperating with an investigation into Golubski since 2019.

For one, community members can call the department’s internal affairs office at 913-573-6370.

The Unified Government also has an ethics hotline, which it calls a confidential answering service, at 913-621-3294.

Last year, the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office announced the creation of an independent arm to investigate accusations of excessive force or misconduct by police officers. That office’s hotline is 913-573-8100. Complaints to what is known as the Community Integrity Unit can be filled out online.

The FBI also investigates public corruption. The agency’s regional hotline covering Kansas City can be reached at 855-527-2847.

Additionally, the Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity, a social justice advocacy organization, in 2019 created its own hotline in Kansas City, Kansas, for people to report police misconduct. That number is 913-228-3007.

That line is not be monitored 24/7. Content of voicemails will not be turned over to law enforcement, advocates have said.

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