Who Is Reiña Silva?

“Riverdale” costars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart were Gen Z’s favorite celebrity couple for a while. In August, Sprouse took to Instagram to announce their conscious uncoupling in January 2020 but “more permanent split” in March, breaking the hearts of millions. Months after the breakup, Sprouse was caught cozying up to Reiña Silva in October. So who is the mystery woman, and are she and Sprouse really a “thing”? We’ve got all the answers you’ll need. Reiña Silva is a Canadian model who has worked with Cole Sprouse in the past. Silva is a model from Vancouver with 95,000 followers on Instagram (as of writing). Is Cole Sprouse dating Reina Silva?. Sprouse and Silva haven’t officially confirmed their relationship but they were spotted together hugging. How old is Reiña Silva? . Silva celebrated her 22nd birthday on Oct. 25, according to an Instagram Story post where she shared a pig-shaped birthday cake