Regrid™ Launches Nationwide Land Parcel Data + Matched Secondary Addresses

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DETROIT, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Regrid — a leading provider of nationwide land parcel data in the United States — today announced the launch of its new enhanced location certainty product Regrid Nationwide Parcel Data Premium Schema + Matched Secondary Addresses.

Regrid launches Nationwide Parcel Data Premium Schema + Matched Secondary Addresses
Regrid launches Nationwide Parcel Data Premium Schema + Matched Secondary Addresses

Regrid's new Parcels + Addresses product matches and pre-joins all 176 million+ known addresses in the United States with the company's nationwide parcel records (over 152 million) and geometries before delivering the data as one combined product via bulk-delivered files and enterprise-grade API.

This combined product, which covers 99% of the American population, provides greater location certainty that stand-alone address files are unable to achieve. Parcel + Addresses combines, matches, and joins USPS verified and validated secondary addresses —including unit-level addresses — into high-quality, standardized nationwide parcel records using primary situs address to ensure location accuracy.

This product enables companies working with location intelligence projects to:

  • identify all known addresses including PO boxes

  • identify unit-level addresses in commercial & residential real estate projects

  • identify wonky/incomplete addresses and get all matching complete addresses & their matching parcel records. And vice versa.

All this as one combined solution pre-joined and ready for data consumption at Regrid's unbeaten price.

Regrid's philosophy has always been quality data at superior economics. (Check out Regrid's parcel data pricing here.)

"We know what goes into creating products and workflows that require nationwide land parcels, matched building footprints, and matched secondary addresses to all work together seamlessly," said Regrid CEO, Jerry Paffendorf. "We don't want anything to get in the way of your work so we've designed and priced our nationwide parcels and matched secondary addresses product for you to deploy quickly, easily, and affordably without sacrificing quality."

Regrid joined hands with the leading address data experts at Ageon Corporation to build this enhanced product. Ageon has been collecting and curating addresses for over 35 years and they serve a wide range of industries needing accurate address information, including companies in manufacturing, distribution, insurance, real estate, logistics and the direct marketing industry.

Remarking on the partnership, Ageon CEO, Steve Thompson said, "At Ageon, we are excited about the relationship with Regrid. It provides Ageon with another important element in our location domain strategy. As we continue to define location as an essential factor in the growth plans of every business, the combination of Ageon and Regrid data moves us one step further toward our goals."

About Regrid - Regrid is an industry-leading property data and location intelligence company, serving an array of industries that require land parcels and spatial data at scale, including real estate, insurance, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, logistics, and government. Learn more about Regrid and their products at

The Regrid team can be reached out at

Introducing (PRNewsfoto/Loveland Technologies)
Introducing (PRNewsfoto/Loveland Technologies)

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