Recovery Efforts Underway After Deadly Flooding in Bitti, Italy

Three people were killed in Bitti, a town in Sardinia’s Nuoro province, on November 28 after heavy rain caused severe flooding, ANSA reported.

Among those killed were a 55-year-old farmer whose vehicle was overwhelmed by a landslide and flooding, a 90-year-old man who was drowned in his home, and an 89-year-old woman whose home was hit by the flooding and mudflow, the outlet reported.

This footage, from local journalist Matteo Tidili, shows the cleanup effort in Bitti’s Piazza Giorgio Asproni on Sunday.

The severe weather, which prompted a red weather alert on the island, caused flooding and landslides in other parts of Sardinia and resulted hundreds of rescues, officials said. Credit: Matteo Tidili via Storyful