Rap Song of the Week: Quavo and Takeoff Move Forward as a Duo with “Two Infinity Links”

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Rap Song of the Week breaks down all the hip-hop tracks you need to hear every Friday. Check out the full playlist here. This week, Migos members Quavo and Takeoff push on as a duo on “Two Infinity Links,” the opening track from their new album, Only Built for Infinity Links.

After months of speculation, Quavo and Takeoff essentially admitted Migos are done (for now) earlier this week. During an appearance on DJ Scream’s Big Facts podcast, Quavo alluded to family loyalty and explained the situation was “something to do with the three brothers” rather than Offset’s recent label issues. Meanwhile, Takeoff left the door open for the return of Offset, mentioning they told him to fix “whatever ain’t right.”

Regardless of what went down, Quavo and Takeoff are determined to prove their worth as a duo with their new album, Only Built for Infinity Links, the title of which pays tribute to Raekwon and Ghostface Killah’s classic Only Built for Cuban Links. The artwork evokes another high-powered duo, taking cues from the cover of OutKast’s Stankonia. Nobody can accuse the uncle and nephew of lacking ambition, and the opening track, “Two Infinity Links,” lays the groundwork for what they’re trying to accomplish.

Sharing a sample with the classic Roc-A-Fella posse cut “1-900-Hustler,” it features Quavo shouting out Quality Control co-founder Pierre “P” Thomas before appearing to take some credit for the label’s success (“And if it wasn’t for me, shit, it probably wouldn’t be QC”). Quavo also seems to address the Migos drama by rapping, “Can’t let bitches, can’t let money, ego, come between the team.”

True to his more soft-spoken personality, Takeoff’s verse won’t grab any headlines, but his straightforward baritone delivery has always stood out from Quavo’s talent for melody and Offset’s mastery of the triplet flow. With Quavo and Takeoff’s chemistry and recording process unaffected by their decision to proceed as a duo, Only Built for Infinity Links won’t let down Migos fans.

For better or worse, the collaborative effort doesn’t stray from the Migos formula. If Quavo and Takeoff want to be in the conversation for best rap duos of all time, their next project will have to feature them expanding outward.

Honorable Mentions:

G Herbo – “4 Minutes of Hell, Pt. 6”

In case you wanted to feel old, Chicago drill pioneer G Herbo has been rapping about the trauma that comes with being a survivor of street life for a decade now. On the eve of his 27th birthday, Herbo spits chilling bars about “seein’ red” and “seein’ dead” since he was a kid on the latest installment of his “4 Minutes of Hell” series. Full of fire and brimstone, it’s a cut from Side A of his aptly titled new album, Survivor’s Remorse.

SixSaidIt – “Fraudstar”

Like most young artists, UK-Nigerian rapper SixSaidIt’s sound draws from a variety of influences including Afropop, club music, and stripped-down trap. With an 808 bounce, the flute-driven beat for the Outside II track “Fraudstar” is decidedly modern, but Six works in a reference to Missy Elliott’s “Work It” while spitting authoritative bars showing she’s a force to be reckoned with.

STL GLD – “Resisting”

Veteran Boston hip-hop group STL GLD’s upcoming album, Rock Boyega, was inspired by actor John Boyega’s activism following the murder of George Floyd. On the first single “Resisting,” rapper Moe Pope finds strength in chanting a phrase associated with police brutality and flipping it on those who use it to abuse their power over people of color.

Open Mike Eagle feat. Video Dave and still rift – “circuit city”

Not only is “circuit city” a reunion between Open Mike Eagle and producer Madlib, but it also reunites the Chicago native with his close friends Video Dave and still rift. All three rappers are clearly out to have a good time, filling their verses with fun references ranging from Dame Dash and Andre 3000 to the Fonz and Mr. Miyagi over Madlib’s psychedelic rock-influenced beat.

Tony Shhnow – “LIFE N HARD TIMES”

Plugg rap forebear Tony Shhnow is back with the hazy “LIFE N HARD TIMES,” reeling off punchline after punchline with simple, yet vivid descriptions of his life as a connect to the streets. With his smooth delivery, Shhnow makes a life of “trapping and capping and rapping and serving” almost sound easy despite the tireless grind required to fend off “snakes in the grass.”

Best Rap Songs Playlist:

Rap Song of the Week: Quavo and Takeoff Move Forward as a Duo with “Two Infinity Links”
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