Quivers Adds White Glove Delivery To Its Ever-Expanding Fulfillment Options

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New Platform Feature Allows Specialty Brands to Offer the On-Demand Premium Delivery Method

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Quivers, the leading commerce platform for specialty brands and retailers, today announced the addition of White Glove Delivery (WGD) — the premium delivery method for products that require in-home delivery and setup, or special attention during shipping due to their size, weight or fragility.


Premium Delivery That Protects Against Consumer Doubts

Substantiated worries about damage during delivery, "porch piracy" and an inability to install specialty items often mean potential consumers don't pull the trigger on expensive online purchases. Quivers White Glove Delivery seeks to remedy this by providing specialty brands a premium delivery service they can offer through partnering fulfillers.

Brands offer WGD using their dealer network, meaning delivery is handled by specialist fulfillers whose staff are trained in how to handle the products and provide any necessary set-up or installation. Consumers can be given a variety of WGD delivery options, including in-home delivery, room-of-choice setup, on-site assembly and old item removal.

Flexibility is key: Brands can decide exactly what is and isn't offered as part of WGD delivery and have the power to only assign WGD as an option for selected, qualified fulfillers. They can set a distance limit for which retailers can be assigned an order and can edit the delivery policy on the Quivers platform to set the products, regions and price ranges where WGD is available.

"This latest addition to our platform brings us another step closer to being the central nervous system that allows specialty brands to provide the online and in-store shopping and fulfillment experiences required to be competitive in a rapidly changing commerce environment," said Ben Barenholtz, VP of Marketing for Quivers. "We sought feedback from our customers to see how we could make their lives easier, and we believe with White Glove Delivery we've really hit the ball out of the park," he added.

Effortless Set-Up & Integration

Simple to configure via the Quivers administrative portal, White Glove Delivery allows brands to select which partnering retailers (within adjustable parameters) are able to fulfill. By dictating which retailers can fulfill, brands guarantee fulfillment is handled by the specialists they trust.

The process is made easy for the consumer too: WGD will show up as a delivery option at checkout, the consumer can select that option, and an auto-assigned retailer will fulfill the order.

The new feature is the latest addition to the Quivers stack of distributed fulfillment solutions, which includes click-and-collect tools that let brands offer consumers the ability to purchase online and pickup in-store and curbside. The platform also includes advanced Ship-to-Store capabilities that allow brands to sell products online and offer in-store fulfillment of those products, beyond a retailer's current stocking position.

White Glove Delivery allows brands to:

  • Offer an in-demand, premium delivery and setup service for specialty products.

  • Put their trust in carefully selected fulfillers and their staff who are trained in the setup and assembly of their products.

  • Minimize the risk of returns, damage, or theft by providing an expert service.

  • Take control of how exactly they want to offer WGD to their consumers.

White Glove Delivery is now available to all Quivers' clients as part of the platform's growing suite of ecommerce and fulfillment solutions.

To learn more about Quivers' collaborative commerce platform for specialty brands and retailers, please visit https://www.quivers.com or request a demo.

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Quivers is the leading commerce platform for specialty brands. Quivers provides specialty brands complete control of their commerce ecosystem—including retail partners, distributors, ambassadors, pro consumers, employees, marketplaces, and more. Quivers bridges the gap between online and offline shopping by offering specialty brands unique ecommerce features to drive performance while also powering the very best in local fulfillment for their consumers. Ultimately, Quivers helps brands create a better consumer experience, increase ecommerce sales, improve sell-in, reduce stock-outs, and ship faster and more efficiently, all while fostering a healthy B2B channel. For more information, please visit www.quivers.com.


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