Who are Quinton Griggs and Cynthia Parker and are they dating?

Quinton Griggs and Cynthia Parker are one of Gen Z's favorite lip-syncing twosomes. Here's the rundown on their wholesome on-again-off-again relationship. 17-year-old Griggs is a popular lip-sync and dance TikToker with 6.9 million followers. In 2020 he became a member of Sway House and is a frequent collaborator of Josh Richards, Bryce Hall and Kio Cyr. 16-year-old Parker began making dance and lip-sync videos as a young kid and currently has 4.7 million TikTok followers. She was previously a member of Not a Content House. Griggs and Parker first began dating in the summer of 2020. The two were together for nearly a year before splitting in late March 2021. The breakup appeared to be amicable. But the two began to spark rumors that they were back together in July 2021. people seem to be enthused about them getting back together. "Yes, Quinthia is back," one person wrote

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