Quicklly Introduces Moments Ahead of Diwali

Through the Digital Marketplace's Gifting Service, Customers Can Send Loved Ones Personalized Sweets and Messages Across the Country

CHICAGO, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Quicklly, the nation's largest marketplace for Indian/South Asian groceries, tiffins, meal kits and fully-prepared restaurant dishes has opened orders for its "Quicklly Moments" gifting service ahead of Diwali, one of the biggest and most treasured festivals that celebrates the beautiful connection of family and friends. Through "Quicklly Moments," customers can cherish their dearest loved ones throughout the festive season by sending personalized gift boxes with staple Indian/South Asian sweets and meal kits, along with a recorded video message and digital note to make them feel special and loved.


Customers can select from a variety of delicious and thoughtful gift packages, including Mithaas Sweet boxes, Rajbhog Snacks, Laumière Gourmet Premium Nuts & Sweets and authentic Indian meal kits and lassi (vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available). Aside from sweets and meal kits, depending on where the recipient is located, customers can also send food deliveries from local restaurants.

"Growing up, holidays weren't just times of celebration and festivities, they were times to connect and spend time with family and friends, especially those we don't often get to see," says Keval Raj & Hanish Pahwa, founders of Quicklly. "We launched "Quicklly Moments" to give our customers the chance to send their own versions of those cherished memories to loved ones, whether they're down the street or across the country. Even while physically apart, we hope "Quicklly Moments" brings families and friends together this Diwali and reminds us all of the power of connection during the holidays."

As Diwali is a holiday dedicated to celebrating light over darkness and good over evil, "Quicklly Moments" gives customers the perfect opportunity to brighten up a loved one's day during this special time of the year. With the added touch of personalization, "Quicklly Moments" helps customers celebrate the holiday and foster strong connections despite any distance.

On top of "Quicklly Moments" opening orders ahead of Diwali, Quicklly will sponsor the 2022 Diwali at Times Square in New York City on October 15. At the high-profile event, which brings together thousands of people for a day of performances and celebration, attendees will have the chance to sample an array of Quicklly products and get to know more about the brand.

"Quicklly Moments" ships nationally in three to four days. For an additional fee, customers can expedite shipping to take place in one to two days. Customers living in other countries are able to place orders and deliver to friends and family in the United States.

To learn more about Quicklly, its initiatives and offerings, visit www.quicklly.com.

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Quickly Introduces Moments Ahead of Diwali
Quickly Introduces Moments Ahead of Diwali

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