Quartz Launches Concrete Deck Analysis for Pre-Pour Element Verification

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Product co-developed and piloted with top general contractors aims to eliminate rework costs due to missing deck elements

Today, Quartz Systems, a construction technology company leveraging advanced perception systems to track and understand everything on a construction site, launched Concrete Deck Analysis, a product that lets teams quickly and easily confirm placed deck elements and identify missing or misplaced elements before a concrete pour. The product is built on the Quartz platform, which combines best-in-class hardware, video, and software analytics to help project managers see and understand their site better than ever before. Concrete Deck Analysis was co-developed with leading GCs and is now available broadly to customers.

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Concrete Deck Analysis provides a detailed understanding of your deck before you pour and helps eliminate costly rework due to missing or misplaced deck elements. (Photo: Business Wire)

Concrete is the most widely used man made material in the world, used on virtually every construction job site. Concrete is also a leading source of wasted materials, rework, and cost overruns in construction projects. Misplaced or missing deck elements can cost projects days of rework and thousands of dollars in budget. Quartz Concrete Deck Analysis helps project managers minimize waste, eliminate rework and expedite their concrete pour by recognizing missing elements before the pour. The concrete team can then quickly identify and correct mistakes before they become costly rework.

Concrete Deck Analysis incorporates existing project plans, schedules, and drawings to track and understand deck elements. Quartz uses its 4K cameras and software analytics to build a detailed report and Deck Verification Overview that includes what elements are present and missing. Team members can login to the Quartz dashboard to securely view relevant information and quickly address any issues pre-pour.

For more information, or to request a demo, please contact at sales@quartz.co, call 1-833-700-0639, or visit www.quartz.co.

About Quartz

Quartz helps construction teams deliver safely, on time, and on budget. Founded in 2018, Quartz is headquartered in California.

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