QR Joy Shines on International Stage at Alternative Products Expo

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In Colombia, the Company expanded its global reach with popular Fume and Loy brands

MEDELLIN, Colombia, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- QR Joy ("QR" or "the Company"), the premier retail manufacturer of the popular Fume and Loy brand salt nicotine vape products, wrapped up a successful weekend at the 2022 Alternative Products Expo in Medellin, Colombia.

Research shows vape enthusiasts who look for superior devices with long-lasting flavor prefer Fume and Loy products.

QR Joy ("QR" or "the Company"), an authentic manufacturer of retail vaping products that cornered the now $20 billion vape market with a lineup of SKUs grounded in innovation and technology, wrapped up a successful weekend at the 2022 Alternative Products Expo in Medellin, Colombia. The Company presented its most popular offerings on the international stage, including its Fume and Loy brand salt nicotine vape products, triumphantly moving forward with plans to expand into the global market. Representatives from the Florida-based company were on hand to showcase QR Joy's multi-million-dollar vape products in Colombia, engaging customers and making multiple sales that will spread their presence outside the U.S.

Research shows that vape enthusiasts who look for superior devices with long-lasting flavor prefer both Fume and Loy products. Notably, both brands offer numerous options to consumers, allowing for many flavor choices. In addition to the five existing Fume vapes and two Loy models, QR Joy teased its latest product, the Fume Unlimited, which offers the capacity to deliver an astounding 7,000 puffs of mouth-watering flavor in 17 varieties.

"Fume and Loy are popular with consumers and retailers alike thanks to the quality of the vapes and innovative flavors we offer with both brands," said QR Joy's CEO. "The Alternative Product Expo was an excellent opportunity to expand our presence on the international stage."

"We were very happy with the turnout and the response we had to our products, including the new Fume Unlimited," he continued.

QR Joy's presence in Colombia follows their recent success at the CHAMPS East Coast event earlier this month. The Medellin show is one of three Alternative Products Expo events held each year and the only one outside the U.S., which offers exhibitors an opportunity to expand their market and engage with customers and wholesalers on an international level.

Next up for QR Joy is the CHAMPS Chicago Show on June 7-9, where the company plans to launch Fume Unlimited officially.

About QR Joy

QR Joy is a Florida-based corporation renowned for patented electronic cigarette devices of the highest quality and most tantalizing flavors. With multi-million dollar brands such as Fume, a global success with consumers built on extensive market research, QR-Joy focuses on what customers want. QR Joy's years of industry experience, combined with a process that stresses continuous improvement, results in a best-in-class vape product that competes globally. There's guaranteed excellence inside when the QR Joy name is on the label. For more information, visit www.FumeVapors.com.

About Fume

Fume, an authentic QR Joy product available in over 30 smooth and delicious flavors, is the vape industry's most sought-after product. Built with the consumer in mind, Fume Vapes' sleek design, medical-grade technology, and increased puff capacity quickly cornered the mult-million-dollar vape market. Today, the Company boasts one of the largest consumer bases in the vaping industry, due in no small part to its cadre of innovative and popular products, including the Fume Extra, Fume Ultra, Fume Infinity, and Fume Mini. With Fume continuing to corner the market, America's vaping pastime is poised to be renamed "fuming." For more information, visit www.FumeVapors.com.

About Loy

Founded in 2008, Loy is an authentic technology-based vaping manufacturer grounded in research and development. The Company's rapid rise to prominence in the million-dollar vaping industry is due, in no small part, to the market-oriented and customer-centric ideals behind its most popular products, including the Loy XL and XXL, both available in 28 incredibly satisfying flavors. With a global consumer base and an annual export volume that accounts for 80% of the Company's products, Loy's prominence in the vaping industry continues to rise. For more information, visit www.LoyVapor.com.


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